OpenProject 6.0.0

OpenProject 6.0.0 contains many new features, mainly for the work package page.

Inline create for work packages

OpenProject 6.0 adds the ability to rapidly create a list of work packages (e.g. tasks) via the work package table (#13702).

As a result, you can now easily and swiftly create task table.

Inline edit in work package table

With OpenProject 6.0 it is possible to use inline editing to swiftly update work packages (such as tasks, features, milestones) directly from the work package table (#18404).

It is no longer necessary to open a separate split screen view. Note, that all links (except for ID) have been removed from the work package table and form.

Automatic synchronization between work package split screen and work package table

The split screen view automatically reflects changes in the work package table. When a work package is created, it is immediately shown in the table. Likewise, the work package table directly displays changes on the split screen.

Configuration of visible work package attributes in OpenProject

With OpenProject 6.0 you can configure the attributes shown for each work package type. For instance you can configure tasks to only include information like status and assignee, while milestones and phases show the start and due date.

Users can either completely deactivate or initially hide attributes. (to be shown when clicking on the “Show all” button on work packages).

Extended help menu and onboarding video

The help menu in OpenProject has been extended. As a result, it now includes references to user guides, shortcuts and other relevant information.

Additionally, a First steps video makes it easier for new users to start working with OpenProject.

Usability improvements

Aside from the main features, OpenProject 6.0 includes several smaller usability improvements:

  • You can add attachment (e.g. images) to the work package description using drag and drop.
  • It is possible to create work packages from the global work package table.
  • It is possible to set the project when creating a work package.
  • Users can more easily create work packages on the split and full screen through the removed dropdown menu.

Improved design

OpenProject 6.0 includes several design improvements.

URL slugs for wiki pages

In OpenProject versions prior to 6.0.0., specific characters of wiki titles were removed upon saving – especially dots and spaces. Spaces were replaced with an underscore, while other characters were removed.
Still, linking to these pages was possible with either the original title (e.g., ‘[[Title with spaces]]’), or the processed title (e.g., ‘[[title_with_spaces]]’).
Starting with OpenProject 6.0.0, titles are allowed to contain arbitrary characters. The titles are processed into a permalink (URL slug) upon saving.
This causes the identifiers of wiki pages with non-ascii characters to be more visually pleasing and easier to link to. When upgrading to 6.0., permalinks for all your pages will be generated automatically.

Substantial number of bug fixes

OpenProject 6.0 contains a large number of bugs fixes.

For an extensive overview of bug fixes please refer to the following list.