Secure and cost-effective
hosting service for your
OpenProject installation.

OpenProject Hosting

Enjoy OpenProject in the cloud and rely on our secure and cost-effective hosting service. Avoid own installation and maintenance while staying in full control and ownership of your data and privacy.

Test OpenProject 30 days for free

Select a plan that best fits your needs, which you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Test OpenProject 30 days for free without any risks: no contract and no payment information. After the trial period you can choose if you would like to continue using OpenProject by subscribing to a proper plan.




OpenProject Cloud Edition
10 Projects
10 Users
1 GB Storage



OpenProject Cloud Edition
25 Projects
25 Users
25 GB Storage



OpenProject Cloud Edition
50 Projects
50 Users
50 GB Storage



OpenProject Cloud Edition
100 Projects
100 Users
100 GB Storage
*VAT may apply depending on the country where your company is registered.Cannot find a plan that suits your organization’s needs? Please contact us to discuss further hosting possibilities.

Start collaborating

Start using OpenProject to support your teams with the best open source software for project collaboration.OpenProject offers a variety of collaboration software features to support your teams throughout the whole project life-cycle. If you use OpenProject hosting services you can rely on the experts to take care of your OpenProject installation. You do not need to bother about installing and maintaining your OpenProject installation, nor about security fixes and feature updates since you will always receive the latest OpenProject release automatically. Your OpenProject instance will be hosted on reliable and secure servers with high availability and redundancy.

See it in action and create your own organization

  • 30 days free trial.Full feature set.100% Accessible.

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