Case study

At the IAT, the specialist group sports technology uses OpenProject to promote technological developments together with the specialist groups of the sports disciplines.

The IAT is the central research institute of German competitive sports. The task of the scientists is the process-accompanying training and competition research with the aim of identifying and exploiting the performance potential of German top athletes.

Dr. Sebastian Bichler

Institute for Applied Training Science (IAT)
Specialist Group Lead

OpenProject saves me ca. 1 working day per week. It helps me to better coordinate the team and to know how the capacities are currently being used. In addition, we save lot of time on discussions and meetings because the project members find all information in OpenProject. And the documentation is much easier.

A team of 30 people works at the IAT with OpenProject:
technologists, sports scientists and sports physicians.

OpenProject bringing specialists together

In the Ergometry Centre, the IAT of the University of Leipzig is working on a new software to develop training plans for runners. Different people from technology and medicine work together on this project, different data has to be integrated.

This is where OpenProject comes into play, which brings the specialist groups together and offers real-time information exchange. Who did what, who tested what, what is the feedback on the test, who has to fix the error from the test. The entire development is logged, tasks are assigned to each other, and on the Kanban Board you can see at a glance how far the project has progressed.

Why does the IAT appreciate project management with OpenProject?

Great time savings

Shorten of meetings and other arrangements, because information in OpenProject is accessible to everyone at all times.

Capacity overview

The project manager knows the workload of all members and can immediately approve or reject additional projects.

Simplified admin

Less filing, less paper documentation, less coordination between project members.

Project evaluation

Evaluation with one click thanks to time and budget reports with plenty of filter options.

Track deadlines

Timings become binding in OpenProject because they are visible to everyone.

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