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HTK Hygiene Technology Competence Center

The HTK Hygiene Technology Competence Center uses OpenProject for hybrid project management and an even better overview of its projects.
HTK Hygiene Technology Competence Center
Tobias Ziegler
We value OpenProject very much because it offers elements of traditional and agile project management. This hybrid approach allows us to be very flexible, but also to plan well in advance. Having everything in one place and being able to track the project status at any time makes it easier for us to keep track of the ever-increasing project volume. Reporting is also much easier for us.

Tobias Ziegler
Hygiene Technology Competence Center
Head of Project Coordination

OpenProject for product development

The HTK Hygiene Technology Competence Center uses OpenProject to develop hygiene concepts for different industries. With the help of a project timeline, the Gantt chart, the individual tasks and project phases can be processed easily. With the project overview the current status is available for the project manager at any time and can be communicated to stakeholders quickly and easily.

The benefits of OpenProject for the Hygiene Technology Competence Center


Create the project timeline with a Gantt chart that also shows all dependencies.

Information exchange

OpenProject as a web-based system makes all information available for everyone at any time. This makes collaboration much more efficient.

Project templates

With project templates you don’t always have to start from scratch. You save time and simplify planning.


All information about all projects is available in OpenProject and thus the status can be called up at any time.


More industries using OpenProject successfully

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