Case study

Temple University

US-based Temple University implements OpenProject on IT team, growing to new departments.
Temple University
Brent Whiting
We love OpenProject because it is customizable and offered at an attractive cost. Using OpenProject, we have consistency across our team in how we do things. Having visibility across all of central ITS for how much effort is on the lap of a current resource or team and anticipating what to expect before asking them for work is critical.

Brent Whiting
Temple University
Executive Director of the central ITS group Project Management Office

US-based Temple University implements OpenProject on IT team, growing to new departments

Integration with GitLab

In higher education, IT teams tend to use GitLab over GitHub. In Temple’s bi-weekly meeting that is open to all staff in ITS to discuss OpenProject, they discuss how to use OpenProject and add new items to their wishlist. The new integration with GitLab was high on the list!

Transparency and collaboration are important to the Temple IT team, and they appreciate how OpenProject makes relationships in order to improve reporting across teams and to leadership.

Matching structure across systems

Temple University is using OpenProject to help them formalize their service portfolio and catalog. They find value in the flexibility of structuring things how they need to.

The IT team matched that structure in OpenProject so that all of their projects are set up to match that same hierarchy. So if work happens within a service offering, the epics and tasks, then roll up that offering into that service and the category. Flexibility in structure has been valuable, plus, this helps them reinforce project management with service management.

Notifications and daily checklist

Temple’s notifications are consolidated into one page and segmented by project, reducing the team’s sense of overwhelm and confusion about what to do on any given day.

Some of the teams use them in their daily standups to organize their day and their week. It helps them get on the same page about what’s going on and it gives each person the opportunity to ask clarifying questions. Overall, OpenProject helps the central ITS and other teams at Temple increase clear communication and productivity.

Why did Temple University choose OpenProject for their project management system?

Attractive price model

In addition to its wide range of features, OpenProject also stands out with its attractive pricing model, especially in comparison to well-known competitors.

Roles and permissions

With OpenProject, authorizations can be configured in such detail that everyone can work in one system, from viewing and editing to administration.

Standard system

With OpenProject, the whole organization can follow the same processes and use the features that work best for them.

Case study based on interview with Brent Whiting


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