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Coburg University of Applied Sciences

With OpenProject, the Coburg University of Applied Sciences implements hybrid project management, classic and agile, to consolidate the teaching content in practice.
Coburg University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Eduard Gerhardt
We particularly like the hybrid approach of classic and agile project management. Together with our partner university in Novosibirsk, we set up a project in OpenProject to test an app for a mail order company and to design user improvements for it. The students use OpenProject for their work to network. The theoretical project management techniques are directly put into practice. By using OpenProject, the productivity of the project members was increased significantly.

Prof. Dr. Eduard Gerhardt
Coburg University
Faculty of Economic Sciences

Projects as a teaching format for students of the University of Coburg

Like many colleges and universities, the Coburg University of Applied Sciences is also under massive pressure from digitalization. In addition to the usual teaching formats, projects are becoming increasingly important at Coburg University of Applied Sciences in order to work in a more interdisciplinary way. This promotes not only methodological and professional skills, but also personal and social competence (teamwork).

The Faculty of Economics at Coburg University of Applied Sciences uses OpenProject for the implementation of its projects. Learning groups of about 12 students work together on one project. The knowledge about project management, which was previously conveyed theoretically, is now being tested and consolidated in practice on the basis of a real project.

Why does the Coburg University of Applied Sciences appreciate project management with OpenProject?

Great time saving

Great time savings for all involved: Intuitive and easy to understand for the users. No maintenance and operating costs.

Reduced effort

Massive reduction of the administrative effort by 60-70 %, as everything is in one system. Many tools are omitted, e.g. OpenProj, Excel, Dropbox, Trello.

Increase in productivity

Significant increase in productivity of all participants, as responsibilities, status, priorities and next steps are always transparent.

Efficient meetings

Meetings become significantly more efficient through the integrated logging, compared to Excel, a 60-70% reduction in effort.


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