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Sven Hinderlich

“We were looking for a project collaboration tool to connect project teams from different locations, also supporting our scrum teams. OpenProject best fit our needs.”
Sven Hinderlich , Deutsche Telekom AG

“As one of the partners of Open IT Berlin - an action field of the Berliner cluster ICT, media and creative industries to support the development and implementation of information technology and new media in Berlin - OpenProject was chosen to support and coordinate the project activities for the merger of Berlin Partner GmbH and TSB Innovationsagentur Berlin GmbH to the Berlin Partner for Business and Technology.”
Michael Stamm, Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie

Michael Stamm
Gloria Shaw

"We decided to change the way we work to an all-project-based methodology and we needed a tool to support it. We have a lot of business projects, plus most of the people involved are not used to working on projects. We compared over 160 tools and Open Project was the one that fitted our necessities the most. It is simple, user friendly, intuitive and has all the features we need. Also we could have it up and running almost immediately and at a reasonable price. We had a very good reception from the users as well, they said that it is a very complete tool and simple to use."
Gloria Shaw, Wayra (Telefonica's Global Startup Accelerator)

“We have been working with OpenProject since 2012. We love to see how the community grows continuously and we are proud to be a part of the OpenProject Foundation. With OpenProject we found future-oriented, young and dynamic people, who always support us in every matter.”
Christoph Zierz, zzmedia

Christoph Zierz
Katia Leskela

"We use OpenProject to create transparency in project management. It sets up the needed framework for clear communication between all project members involved and offers flexible instruments for resources tracking. OpenProject has facilitated the development of our 100% web-based construction project management software, YellowHat."
Katia Joolokeni Leskelä, New Launch

 “Since OpenProject offers best functionalities to support our teams, we decided to migrate from Redmine to OpenProject.”
Alexander Kirschbaum, Westdeutscher Rundfunk


Alexander Kirschbaum
Veronika Schmidtner

"OpenProject offered us an excellent way to organize our annual report for the national competition. It encouraged us in our daily business with social entrepreneurial projects. We see high potential in OpenProject."
Veronika Schmidtner, enactus Regensburg e.V.

“We were looking for an efficient tool to maintain and optimize the process management and communication flow of a large group of developers working in different locations. Aquaponics Lab considers the use of open software. The ownership of the data and security is a critical factor and that is why we choose to work with OpenProject.”
Paulo Marini, Aquaponics Lab

Paulo Marini
Bruno Delcourt

"Being strongly-committed to open source and community work promotion, our University embraced the release of OpenProject. Its architecture, the attention put on its interface, together with a strong enthusiastic community were key factors in choosing OpenProject as the best candidate to become the reference tool for project management at the University of Namur."
Bruno Delcourt, University of Namur

"OpenProject is helping our small company to provide our customers and partners a great support."
Enrico Cicconi, Piramid Studio

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