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Linux Professional Institute

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is using OpenProject to keep track of projects and collects all project-related information in one place.
Linux Professional Institute
Jasmina Jocic
OpenProject for me is the best open source project management software out there. It allows me to collect all projects and tasks under one umbrella and track the progress easily. It offers waterfall project management options, as well as agile. It has a great agile board that is easy to organize and prioritize backlog items. It gives us filters and quick views of assignments and percentage of work done.

Jasmina Jocic

Linux Professional Institute

Project Manager

How Linux Professional Institute works with OpenProject

Linux Professional Institute is using OpenProject across a wide variety of projects. One of the amazing projects managed with OpenProject was the release of the open source portal FOSSlife. Even after release, the team kept on using it to work on improvements and additional portal features. Creating some of the LPI programs wouldn’t be easy without the support of the OpenProject tool.

The benefits of OpenProject for Linux Professional Institute


Internal hosting for data security and control.

Single source of truth

Never forget a task or anything else, everything is recorded in OpenProject.

Open Source

Open source provides full transparency and the option to add to the code.

Status report

Easy tracking of progress with all information in one place.


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