Proud to support NGO and open source projects

We are happy to support non-governmental organizations (NGO) and open source projects by providing dedicated plans for OpenProject Cloud and Enterprise Edition. Please reach out to us to ask for your special offering.

Read about the success stories how OpenProject supports these projects.

Supporting Open Source: Climate Connected

Climate Connected Benefit Society, which implements impressive projects in fields of environment and education. One of the projects is focuses at building study huts (flat-packed micro-schools) in south Malawi after the area suffered severe flooding in 2012. Another project aims to boost the local economy by enabling home working through better lighting conditions. Here old plastic bottles are recycled as low cost solar power charged lightning solution.

Supporting Open Source

Aquaponics Lab researches the opportunities of using aquaponics farming in urban environments. Aquaponics farming is an approach that creates a symbiosis of aquatic organisms (e.g. fish) environments and plant (e.g. fruits and vegetables) growth environments. Aquaponics Lab strives to create sustainable and consumer-friendly solutions for more efficient life-supporting systems.

Supporting Open Source: Enactus_Regensburg_ev

Enactus chapter at the University of Regensburg is a local chapter of an international student organization that fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship among students. OpenProject was used by the students at the University of Regensburg to get ready for the national competition.


Supporting Open Source: UNamur

University of Namur is located at the south of Belgium. It offers a broad range of faculties from art to computer sciences. The university aims to provide educational opportunities for a number of students in economically fragile situations and promotes education for development.