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Open Source Initiative

The Open Source Initiative implemented OpenProject's project management software to enhance planning and preparation for various projects, including the elections.
Open Source Initiative
Nick Vidal
I start my day with a notification from OpenProject about what’s happening just for me each day. It’s refreshing and takes out a lot of the guesswork. Our team loves the Gantt charts, calendar, deadlines, and timelines. This helps us prioritize tasks and work together to reach a goal on time.

Nick Vidal
Open Source Initiative
Community Manager

OpenProject as first ever project management software for Open Source Initiative

Organizing critical initiatives with OpenProject

The Open Source Initiative (OSI), established in 1998, is a key advocate for open source software and maintains the open source definition along with a list of licenses used by modern tech companies.

Annually, the OSI holds Board of Directors elections to promote open source advocacy and education. This year, the OSI adopted OpenProject’s project management software to enhance planning and preparation for various projects, including the elections.

Aligning values through partnership

Choosing OpenProject was driven by shared values, as the OSI sought a company aligned with their culture and business principles. OpenProject values open source software, transparency in code, and ethical business practices, making them an ideal fit for the OSI’s mission.

The partnership between OpenProject and the OSI is built on a foundation of shared values and collaboration.

Holistic project management for OSI

OpenProject provides the OSI team with a holistic view of their projects, tasks, and timelines, allowing for both macro-level insights and detailed examination. The software facilitates efficient task prioritization, leveraging features like Gantt charts, calendars, and deadlines.

With OpenProject, the OSI team can navigate their extensive to-do list, particularly during the Board of Directors elections, ensuring tasks are assigned, deadlines are met, and collaboration is streamlined for organizational success.

Why did the OSI choose OpenProject for their project management system?

Open source software

Open source provides full transparency and the option to add to the code.

Attractive price model

In addition to its wide range of feature, OpenProject also stands out with its attractive pricing model, especially in comparison to well-known competitors.

Roles and permissions

With OpenProject, authorizations can be configured in such detail that everyone can work in one system, from viewing and editing to administration.

Standard system

With OpenProject the whole organization can follow the same processes.

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