Bug tracking software
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Minimize the feedback loop with OpenProject bug tracking software
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Bug tracking with OpenProject

OpenProject bug tracking software offers the easiest way to file, track and fix bugs.

Bug tracking software

OpenProject is open source bug tracking software that enables your team to develop great products. Bugs can easily be created based on individual templates. Specify, prioritize and assign bugs to the respective person. Additionally, the dynamic bug lists provide a detailed overview at any time. Filter and group based on your needs to create detailed bug reports for stakeholders.

Furthermore, integrate your full project management by activating Task Management or Gantt charts or prioritize your bugs in the Agile and Scrum backlogs.

OpenProject enables structured software testing and bug tracking. Detailed views on priorities, status and activities provide an optimal base for decisions. Furthermore, customized workflows based on detailed roles and permissions allow best tracking and visibility. Also, custom fields empower QA managers and testers by providing additional information regarding the occurrence, system or date of the bugs.

Through a seamless integration with your software engineering process, as a result, OpenProject bug tracking software helps to shorten the feedback loop to deliver well tested products in time and on budget.

Bug tracking software

Bug tracking software features

Inline create and editing

Email updates

Create your own view

Custom workflows

Custom fields

Zen mode

Custom permissions

Export as PDF, XLS, CSV

Integrated project management features

How to do bug tracking with OpenProject

  • Display the list of open bugs.
  • Create and update bugs inline.
  • Use filters to show critical bugs.
  • Define the columns which are shown in the list.
  • Assign bugs to project members.
  • Prioritize bugs and track their progress.
Bug creation
Bug tracking split view
  • Display detailed bug information by opening the split screen.
  • Use custom workflows to track a bug status.
  • Attach documents and images to bugs.
  • Add comments to inform your team about the latest testing.
  • Use the newsfeed to stay updated about any changes.
  • Define relationships between bugs.
  • Add watchers to bugs who keep informed by email about updates.
  • Switch to fullscreen mode to show all bug attributes at once.
  • Create custom fields for bugs to include test specific information.
  • Create and use bugs templates.
  • Watch a bug to stay informed about any changes or updates.
  • Activate the Zen mode to hide side bars and keep focused.
  • Log time and costs on bugs and control spent time and budgets.
Bug tracking full screen
Bug tracking full screen
  • Create individual bug templates.
  • Add your custom fields for detailed bug description.
  • Define required input fields.
  • Link bug templates to project overview page.
  • Set default values for fields.
  • Customize bug lists, sort and group by attributes.
  • Export bug reports as PDF, XLS or CSV file.
  • Export individual bugs as PDF to inform external stakeholders.
Bug list export
Bug tracking workflows
  • Create custom roles for test management.
  • Create custom workflows.
  • Assign specific responsibilities for testing.
  • Provide reading rights for stakeholders.

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