Secure project management software with servers in Germany

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The server location is a relevant criterion when looking for software: If you choose a software provider from the EU with servers in the EU, you can rely on EU data protection (GDPR). Especially with project management (PM) software, data protection and security is an extremely important issue, since sensitive data is stored. But which project management software meets this requirement?

Find out in the article why the German PM software OpenProject is a safe choice in terms of server location, data protection and customer service.

Overview: Project management software from Germany

Anyone researching PM cloud software will quickly come across well-known solutions such as Jira, Asana or Trello. However, most market leaders for PM software are not based in the European Union and regularly host their servers outside the European Union. And even if software is hosted in Europe, stored data could be made available to US authorities upon request. This is in conflict with the GDPR and would therefore contradict the use of any cloud services with US reference.

If you are specifically looking for PM software from Germany, you need to take a good look. The following PM software providers have both their headquarters and server locations in Germany: OpenProject, Stackfield, InLoox, Factro, awork.

All of the above solutions offer servers in the European Union and also specifically in Germany. In addition, they all offer German-language support, documentation – and, of course, a German user interface.

The best open source PM software from Germany: OpenProject

OpenProject stands out from other German project management software providers mainly because of the following criteria:

Successful in Germany and worldwide

A wide range of German-speaking companies and organizations already rely on the Enterprise version of OpenProject, including, for example: City of Cologne, Autoliv, University of Zurich, Fraunhofer, Volksbank Bocholt, Brandenburg State Parliament, Siemens or Charité Berlin. Many more are managing their projects with the free of charge Community version.

Customers of OpenProject: Stadt Köln, Autoliv, Universität Zürich, Fraunhofer, Volksbank Bocholt, Landtag Brandenburg, Siemens, Charité Berlin

In addition to numerous companies and organizations from the DACH region, OpenProject has customers from all over the world and from a wide range of industries. For example, from the construction industry (with its own OpenProject BIM version), education and research, technology, public institutions, healthcare, automotive industry,engineering,NGOs and foundations, or banking and insurance.

Of course, the cloud-hosted version of OpenProject is DSGVO compliant. All data - starting with marketing! - is treated with strict confidentiality. Our goal is to minimize data storage, that is, to capture and store only Data that is really necessary. No matter if you are browsing the OpenProject website or using the software. We do not set cookies that are not technically necessary, and we do not collect or process personal data for any purpose other than ensuring our services.

In short: For OpenProject, data protection is not just a legal regulation, but a matter of course.

CEO Niels Lindenthal: “Our goal is to bring OpenProject to perfection as a lighthouse project for data privacy and security in Europe.

As open source software, the source code of OpenProject is publicly available. This means that numerous people can quickly expose errors and possible security vulnerabilities. Because: Like any software, OpenProject can be affected by security vulnerabilities. These can usually be found and fixed much faster in OpenProject by the vigilant community than in project management software that is not open source.

Good to know: For EU customers it is required by the GDPR to sign a data processing agreement (sometimes called data processing addendum) before using the OpenProject Enterprise cloud edition. To save bureaucratic effort and time for both sides, OpenProject has automated this process.

In addition to data security, data sovereignty is a top priority at OpenProject. Together with other open source software providers, OpenProject is currently working on openDesk - the Sovereign Workplace, an open source alternative to Microsoft, Google and Co. OpenDesk is initiated and supported by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland of Germany.

Server locations in Europe and Germany

OpenProject can be operated on self-managed servers (”on-premises”) or used as software-as-a-service in the cloud. If you decide to use the cloud version of OpenProject, your data will be stored on secure servers within the EU. If you prefer a server location specifically in Germany, this is also possible without any problems - just contact us!

OpenProject is transparent in its dealings with the subcontractors it uses. For cloud solutions provided in the EU and Germany, you can find a list of subcontractors here.

Continuous backups and easy restore mechanisms

Security always includes backups, which are continuously created for OpenProject’s cloud solutions. This means that data can be easily restored in the event of an emergency. Backups are stored on separate servers at OpenProject and encrypted as data-at-rest (with AES-256).

German-speaking support for international customers

Another important criterion when deciding on project management software is customer support. While many people in the DACH region speak English, most feel most confident in their native language, especially when it comes to technical vocabulary. OpenProject, as a German company based in Berlin, offers full German support.

Book training and consulting in German or English, or contact our English- or German-speaking customer support staff. Our digital user guide is also available in German as well as English. And also in Spanish and French - further languages are planned.

Rely on OpenProject for all-around secure data handling in your project management. Software from Germany, with European standards - for international customers.