Pictures of Wieland and Parimal and the FOSDEM 2023 logo

OpenProject at FOSDEM 2023

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OpenProject will of course be part of the FOSDEM 2023. As an open source software, we want our team to connect with other open source developers, network, share ideas and find ways to collaborate.

The OpenProject team will be represented by Wieland, Engineering Co-founder, and Parimal, Senior User Experience Consultant, at the FOSDEM 2023.

Development of the OpenProject Nextcloud integration

Open source collaboration is our passion. And our OpenProject Nextcloud integration is one example of it. Wieland, Engineering Co-founder, leads the OpenProject Nextcloud integration and prepared a fantastic talk about Optimizing your core application for integration - Learnings from integrating OpenProject with Nextcloud.

Wieland will dive into the requirements of integrations which is beyond accessing the API and involves access control and cross-domain requests and much more. He uses the recent integration of OpenProject and Nextcloud as an example to demonstrate which areas to look at in particular to identify potential road blocks.

Join him in person or tune in on Saturday, 4th February, 4:30pm CET.

UX at an established open source project

Parimal will talk about Practical UX at OpenProject - Musing after 1.5 years of working on the UX of open source software on Sunday, 5th February at 4:30pm CET.

OpenProject is an open-project management and collaboration tool that’s been around for over ten years. The software went through many versions and iterations without a dedicated design team and did so without this necessarily being a problem. But in August 2021 OpenProject hired two UX designers to improve usability and user experience.

In his talk, Parimal will look at the challenges, processes and learnings from the past 1.5 years of setting up a UX team within an established open source project - OpenProject.

We are looking forward to meeting you!