Agile boards are now available in the OpenProject Community edition

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The OpenProject team is busy developing new features and the Community edition will of course benefit as well. With the release of OpenProject 12.1, the Community edition will comprise basic agile boards. What used to be an Enterprise add-on and was only available in the Enterprise on-premises and Enterprise cloud version, is now part of the free Community edition.

Agile boards in OpenProject

OpenProject offers agile boards in different formats. Agile boards visualize work packages (cards) in columns (lists). In advanced agile boards, the lists represent work package attributes (e.g. status, version, assignee etc.). When moving a work package from one list to the next, the work package attribute will update automatically. There are 5 advanced agile boards available in OpenProject: status (Kanban), assignee, sub-project, version board and work breakdown structure. Once you create one of these boards, the lists will automatically come up and be filled with existing work packages.
In basic agile boards, the lists can be freely created, anything is possible. These boards can be used for to do lists, idea generation and much more. When a work package is moved from one list to the next, there won’t be a change to the work package. Basic boards give you a lot of flexibility with its endless options of lists that you choose yourself. Read up in more detail about agile boards in our documentation.

Example basic agile board

The following is an example for a basic agile board. The lists (today, tomorrow, later, never) are used for organizing work and were created manually. Work packages can either be created on the spot in the board or existing work packages can be added by choosing from a drop down in the respective list.

Example basic board with columns today tomorrow later never

OpenProject Community edition

We are very proud and grateful for our amazing OpenProject community that contributes to the development of OpenProject via feedback, bug reports, feature requests, custom development etc. And we honour this by driving the development of our free as well as paid OpenProject editions. The free OpenProject Community edition is especially close to our hearts and while it continuously is part of the core OpenProject development, there are Enterprise add-ons being launched that are not available in the Community edition. We think it is now time to give back and extend its feature set by adding the agile basic boards. We hope you enjoy this feature and it will add value to your project management.

OpenProject release 12.1

Make sure you upgrade to OpenProject 12.1 to have the basic boards available in your Community edition.