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Project conception and initiation

Collect ideas and specify project scope and deliverables

Specify and break down work packages and deliverables into manageable tasks and activities using the list view. Rapidly create tasks with inline creation or specify detailed information using the full screen view.

OpenProject Work packages inline edit

Project definition and planning


Schedule projects with timelines (Gantt chart)

Create a project management plan that shows how and when the project team will deliver the work packages defined in the project scope.  
Display multiple projects in one bar chart and highlight changes to the project schedule.


Keep everything in sight with the calendar

Get an overview of upcoming activities and milestones.
Filter the information relevant for you.


Visualize progress with the roadmap

Get an overview of the next milestones, versions, releases and sprints and see the planned scope. Track the progress and the status of the deliverables and the logged time and booked costs.

Project launch or execution

OpenProject Issue Tracking

Manage all deliverables and project activities with powerful collaboration features

Stay on top of every possible issue - tasks, risks, features, bugs and much more - with the ability to define separate workflows and custom fields to adapt OpenProject to your specific needs. Have all information and communication in one place.

Activity streams

Activity streams

Instant status reports
Stay up to date with a real time feed of all project activity.


Effective planning and documentation of project meetings

Use meetings to manage agendas and minutes and inform project members about the latest developments.
Link tasks and send email notifications to participants.

Agile and scrum

Update tasks with drag & drop

Use the task board to break deliverables into individual tasks and update their status with drag & drop.

Project performance and control

Cost report

Log time and costs and create custom reports

Log time and costs and create custom reports. Track the time and costs spent on a project, then create custom reports for accurate, current insight into project performance and allocated resources.


Create and manage budgets

Plan the cost for each project phase, and see how much of the allocated budget has been spent at a glance.

Project close

Summarize the project in a wiki

Use wiki functionality to create project closure reports and easily summarize the main results. Archive projects for later reference and lessons learned.
Learn more about wikis.

OpenProject Work packages inline edit

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Enterprise-grade security and privacy features provide peace of mind.


Stay up-to-date with the current project status and activities, wherever you are. Collaborate with your team members on the go.


Each project is different. OpenProject provides a multitude of powerful customization features to best support your project teams.


We value making project management tools accessible to people with disabilities. OpenProject is regularly assessed and certified based on the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guideline.

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