Open Source

The OpenProject Foundation strives to make
OpenProject a place to participate and collaborate
with open source and open mind.

Download and Installation

Have full control of your project data. Download and install OpenProject on your own servers. Keep control of your data and privacy within your own infrastructure.

Before you get started…

In case you need help with the installation or maintenance, we can help you.

How to install OpenProject

There are the following ways to start with OpenProject really easy and fast.

Packaged Installation (DEB/RPM)

With Linux packages you can install and configure OpenProject pretty straight forward. They include a setup wizard that guides you through all configuration steps:
  • Install all required dependencies
  • Configure the Database connection
  • Configure Apache webserver
  • Configure Subversion
  • Easy upgrade to newer versions
  • Configures SSL encryption
  • Configures outgoing mail
  • Comes with an easy to use backup script
This is currently the recommended approach.Installation is easy with several Linux distributions

Install with DEB/RPM packages

Docker Image

Docker is a way to easily distribute self-contained applications. We provide a Docker image for the Community Edition that you can very easily install and upgrade on your servers.

Install with Docker

Univention App Center

You can install OpenProject Univention Corporate Server (UCS) just one click, using the Univention App Center. It provides a seamless integration into the UCS user management and a single-sign-on authentication.Installation via Univention App Center

Manual Installation

You want to decide about the plugins added to your OpenProject. Or you need a different configuration than the packaged installation offers. Then this way should be your choice. With our several guides we show you how the manual install can be done.

Install manually

After successful installation, get started with OpenProject

We have many materials, tutorials and videos to help you. A good point to start are our user guides.