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Old timeline view will be discontinued: Please migrate your timeline in OpenProject 7.0

New integrated timeline view

As announced before OpenProject 7.0 includes a new user-friendly timeline included in the work package list. This new view will make the transition between working with work packages and displaying this information in a Gantt chart much smoother.

Old timeline discontinued with OpenProject 8.0

While OpenProject 7.0 includes both the new integrated timeline as well as the old timeline view, the old timeline view will be removed with OpenProject 8.0.

In order to not lose any of the timeline reports you have created, follow the instructions below to re-create the timeline reports as work package queries in the new integrated timeline view.

Migrate timeline reports to new integrated timeline

First of all, make sure to identify the timeline reports you would like to migrate to the new timeline view.

To do this, go through your projects, select Timeline from the side menu and choose the correct timeline report from the dropdown menu.

Migrate timeline

Migrate timeline report filters

To see the settings applied to the timeline report, click on the Edit button in the toolbar.

  1. Expand the section Filter work packages and look at the filter applied to the timeline report.
  2. Select the Work packages entry from the side menu (you can open it in separate browser tab to easily switch between the old and new timeline).
  3. Click on the timeline icon in the toolbar to activate the timeline view.
  4. Expand the filter section and set the appropriate filters (e.g. StatusTypeResponsibleAssignee).
  5. At this point you can already save the timeline in a query: To do this click on the page settings icon in the upper right corner and select Save or Save as from the dropdown menu.
  6. Provide the name for the query / new timeline report and confirm.

Integrated timeline view

Adjust columns, zoom and pagination

  1. Expand the section General settings in the old timeline report and take a look at the Columns.
  2. Switch over to the work package page (with the previously created query selected).
  3. Add the same columns on the work package page as specified in the timeline report and (if desired) remove all other work package columns.
  4. Adjust the zoom on the integrated timeline view to match the zoom factor of the timeline report.
  5. Use the filters Start date and Due date to specify the displayed timeframe.
  6. You can display more work packages on a page by clicking on the pagination in the lower right corner.
  7. Select Save from the work package settings menu to update the saved query.

Display other projects in new timeline report

In order to display subprojects in the newly created timeline query, follow these steps:

  1. Open the filter section and select the Subproject filter to show all subprojects or only selected ones.
  2. Group by Project by selecting the grouping option from the work package settings menu. (Note: You need to deactivate the hierarchy mode in order to group by an attribute.)
  3. Save the change in the query.

If you want to create a timeline query which include projects that are not in a hierarchical relationship, go instead to the global work package list (select the entry Work packages from the Modules dropdown menu). There you can find the Projects filter which allows you to filter across the entire list of projects.


Make saved timeline reports publicly

  1. By default the newly created timeline query is only visible to you. To make it accessible to other project members, click on the work package settings menu and select Share.
  2. Select the option Page visible for others to make the query visible to other project members.
  3. To add a quick link to access the query, select the option Show page in menu.
  4. Confirm and save your query.

Some aspects that cannot be migrated

Some of the timeline functionality cannot be migrated to the timeline query yet.

This includes the planning comparison and vertical work packages.

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22 responses to “Old timeline view will be discontinued: Please migrate your timeline in OpenProject 7.0

  1. Miguel says:

    The new interactive timeline is very slow to work with. Having a similar feature with Teamwork PM whereby all changes to the timeline are done offline then submit all changes back to the server once done will be a much better experience.


    1. Robin Wagner says:

      Hi Miguel,

      we’ll work on improving the performance of the timeline.
      The problem with making all changes offline and then submitting them back is that there may be conflicts – especially when multiple users are working on the timeline at the same time.

  2. Pete says:

    The new interactive timeline is very helpfull althought hard to see with the present colors and line format.

    Discontinuing the present one in timelines option will not allow for overall view of the project.
    If you remove it version 8 please have a way to present only the timeline in full screen.

    I use the it to have an overall view of the project and even take a screenshot and include it in a document, pdf, word, excel or powerpoint for project plan presentation or reporting by using the zoom feature and including the whole project on screen, or just part of it as necessary.

    Project planing requires reporting and presenting to pleople inside and outside the organization by using project documents.
    Please take this suggestion into consideration.

    1. Robin Wagner says:

      Hello Pete,

      thank you for your feedback.
      You are probably displaying tasks in your timeline which are shown in grey by default.
      It is possible to change the color in the Administration by selecting the side entry “Work package types”, selecting the type for which the color should be changed (e.g. “Task”) and then selecting another color.

      Displaying the new timeline in full screen view / being able to increase the width of the Gantt chart is a frequently requested feature. We plan to introduce this feature in a future OpenProject version (tracked in

  3. Siim Aus says:

    Hi, thanks for nice work on Openproject. Tried out new Timeline option today and my feedback is:
    My 4 UX problems with this view of Timeline:
    1) You cannot see items on (sub)project level (if you close subproject, all charts/bars on Gantt will be removed from view)
    2) You cannot quickly go to subproject by clicking on its name
    3) You cannot quickly change Expand level (going over it manually is really tedious task)
    4) Cannot change with of Gantt area (in old version, editing area was not split to 50/50 but work package area width was rather dependent on context, currently remaining 50% of work area is too small to be useful)

    1. Robin Wagner says:

      Hello Siim,

      thanks for your feedback.
      1.) You can display all work packages (from the modules dropdown) and group by project to see the work packages separated by project (or you can navigate to a main project and choose the filter “Subprojects” to show subprojects (and then group by projects). However, deeper project levels (e.g. to see that a project is a subproject of another project) can currently indeed not be shown in the Gantt chart.
      2.) That’s a valid point. We removed the project links when we introduced the inline editing (since both would be conflicting).
      3.) When you group by projects (or other grouping criteria) you can click on the little icon in front of the grouping criterion in order to expand or collapse the associated work packages.
      4.) Good point. We adjusted this with OpenProject 7.2: Now you can extend the width of the Gantt chart by hiding work package columns (see for details).

  4. Mac McEldowney says:

    So this also means that Status Reportings will also be going away? That is a feature that we use heavily here. Switching to sub-projects for that type of roll-up is inefficient for us.

    1. Robin Wagner says:

      Hello Mac,

      you can use the “Subproject” filter in a main project and then group by projects to have a similar overview which you would create with status reports. If the projects you want to show are not in a hierarchical relationship, you can go to the global work package list (from the modules menu) and use the “Project” filter to show the relevant projects (and then group by them).
      This should give you a similar result to the status reportings.

      (We plan to build separate project status reports that are directly associated with a project and connected to the “intersection” between two projects.)


  5. Bianca says:

    Would it be possible with OP 8.0 to make a comparison between the Due Dates of the current project plan and the original planned Due Dates at the start of the project? I know that the function already exists in the “Timeline” menu but it works very unreliable. It would be also very helpful to have the possibility to export the timeline for presentations etc.

    1. Robin Wagner says:

      Hello Bianca,

      with the next OpenProject release (OpenProject 7.3) it will be possible to export the timeline / Gantt chart using the browser export function. We will optimize the layout so that the work package table is hidden and the timeline / Gantt chart can be printed in a nice layout.
      Regarding the planning comparison (showing changes that occur for due dates etc.) for the new timeline / Gantt chart: This is currently not on our roadmap for OP 8.0. (This may change since it is not 100% decided yet but the focus will most likely be elsewhere (e.g. on a more user-friendly WYSIWYG editor for wiki pages and drag & drop on the work package page)).


      1. Chris Jornlin says:

        Control to a baseline is a critical aspect of project management. Comparisons are the only way, I’m aware of, to accomplish this in OpenProject. If the timeline comparison feature is removed I may need to change tools. Please migrate this feature!

        1. Robin Wagner says:

          Hello Chris,

          thank you for your feedback.
          Comparisons and baselines are indeed an important aspect when planning projects.
          We plan to introduce the feature for the new Gantt chart. This may however be after OP 8.0. We’ll evaluate if we can introduce it before removing the old timeline.

          Best regards,

  6. Karel Zavadil says:


    thank you for great work on OP! I really love version 7.

    I tried to follow described migration process, I saved a query and it seems to be saved fine. Only problem is, that in the left menu, item is called “Bugs” instread of name I gave it. I tried again and now menu item is called “Epics”.

  7. Andreas says:

    While I really like the ease of use to modify work packages on the fly in the new timeline. I also think the comparison function will be missed.
    Additionally I noticed that there seems to be no possibility to add the timelines in the wiki anymore. So this is another feature that will be lost, or id there a way to do that?

    1. Robin Wagner says:

      Hello Andreas,

      thank you for your feedback.
      We currently evaluate when to integrate the planning comparison feature in the new Gantt chart.

      Regarding the wiki macro (integration of the Gantt chart in the wiki page (or project overview by using a teaser)): This is planned for OpenProject 8 (

      1. Andreas says:

        Perfect. Thank you very much.

  8. Jordi says:


    Is there a way to disable the “Warning” on the timelines for version 7.4?

    “This timelines module is being replaced by the interactive timeline embedded into the work packages module…”

    I am just re-discovering the software, great work guys!


    1. Robin Wagner says:

      Hello Jordi,

      thank you 🙂
      There is no way to disable the timeline warning but with OpenProject 8 (which is scheduled for the end of July) we will remove the timeline and therefore the warning will disappear as well.

      Best regards,

  9. Jordi says:

    Hello again Robin,

    Regarding the planning comparison, I see it still not being worked according to the roadmap.

    On the meantime, do you guys have any suggestion on how to track slippage on the timeline?



    1. Robin Wagner says:

      Hello Jordi,

      the planning comparison is not yet available in the new Gantt chart. There is a feature request for this:

      The changes made to individual work packages (e.g. changing the finish date) are tracked on the activity page of each work package. To see where changes have occurred, you can also filter based on the “Updated on” date.

      The planning comparison is however an important feature and will be added in a future version of OpenProject.

      Best regards,

  10. François says:


    We planned to migrate our OpenProject instance from 6 to 8.
    I understand that each timeline must be migrated manually.
    Is there a way to automate the migration of timelines ?


    1. Robin Wagner says:

      Hello François,

      unfortunately there is no mechanism to automatically migrate the timelines – since the new Gantt chart uses a completely separate view and underlying technology.

      Best regards,

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