Project management dashboards

Share everything that is important in your project with intuitive and flexible reporting widgets.

Keep and eye on your project's performance and progress with online project status reporting.

A variety of flexible widgets allow you to show your project status and share other important project information.

Dashboard for project status reporting

Configure your project overview page with important information. Include a variety of flexible reporting widgets to show the project status and share progress with your team and other stakeholders.

Keep an eye on work package status, assignees, progress, priories, displayes within graphs on the Overview page.

Project status reporting with flexible reporting widgets.

Project status

Communicate the project status to your stakeholders at one sight and display a status widget on the project overview page.

Show at one sight whether your project is on track, at risk or off track and add important project information, such as project owner, due dates, links to important resources and more.

Work package overview

Display a work package overview of your project. Choose between the following grouping options: Type, Category, Status, Author, Priority, Assignee.

Have an overview of the status of your work packages within a project at your fingertips and share it with the team.

Work package graphs

Insert a variety of different work package graphs to show progress in your projects. Choose between a multiple of graphs, such as Bar, Doghnut, Pie, Line, and more, and the axis criteria, e.g. Type, Status, Assignee, Priority, Progress, Version, and much more.

You can also filter your graphs based on all work packages criteria, e.g. only display work packages status in progress.

Configure your Overview

Add as many status widgets to your project Overview page as you need. Simply hover over the place where you want to add a new widget. A plus icon will appear to add a new widget.

You can choose between various widgets to include, e.g. Members, Work package tables, Calendar, News, Custom text, and more. Drag and drop the widget and adapt size and location on the overview page.

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