tablet with OpenProject user guide opened in French

OpenProject French user guide now available

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We constantly work on improving and updating OpenProject documentation to make it most accessible for all our users. This includes providing documentation in different languages. A few months ago we have translated OpenProject user guide into German. Today we are happy to share that the user guide is now also available in French.

OpenProject Getting started Guide in French

We have translated the Getting started guide into French. Here you can learn about the first steps with OpenProject.

Screenshot Guide de demarrage

OpenProject User Guide in French

OpenProject User Guide is now also available in French. It explains and illustrates all of the OpenProject features in detail.

Screenshot Guide de l’utilisateur

OpenProject documentation in other languages

OpenProject User Guide is also available in German. We are working on adding translations into other languages as well. Follow us on social media and read our blog to always be up to date with our latest news.

How you can help us translate OpenProject

OpenProject is a CrowdIn project. That means everyone can contribute to translate OpenProject into their mother tongue. You can either help translate the OpenProject application itself or the documentation. Please feel free to contribute, we love when our community gets involved.