OpenProject and Nextcloud integration connects project management with content collaboration platform

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Nextcloud, the worlds’ most deployed on-premises content collaboration platform, and OpenProject, the leading free and open source project management software, join forces. For both Nextcloud and OpenProject data sovereignty and open source are an integral part of their business strategy and thus the foundation for their alliance.

OpenProject and Nextcloud together combine project management and content collaboration and complement each other’s services. The collaboration of these two companies offers enterprises a new dimension of data sovereignty and increase in productivity. Users will not risk compliance and data leaks by losing control over their content and can now even easily combine both systems.

The first step of the integration

The first step of the combined effort is the integration of OpenProject in the Nextcloud Dashboard. Users can add an OpenProject widget to display latest changes to project’s work packages. With this, it offers users a view of ongoing projects and activities.

OpenProject information can be included in the the built-in universal search to find project information directly in Nextcloud.

OpenProject Nextcloud integration

Furthermore, the Nextcloud notifications will be enhanced also by OpenProject’s activities.

OpenProject Nextcloud notifications

A link can be added in the header navigation to directly lead users from their connected collaboration platform to their environment for project management. Also, users can set-up OAuth authentication for their OpenProject instance.

Next steps for the integration

In collaboration with mutual customers, further integration efforts are under way, which will deliver Nextcloud integration on the OpenProject side. The results of further integration efforts are expected later in 2021.

How can I get access to the OpenProject-Nextcloud integration?

The OpenProject/Nextcloud integration app can be downloaded and activated in the built-in Nextcloud app store within your Nextcloud instance.

Watch the video about the integration features