OpenProject 5.0.16 released

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

OpenProject 5.0.16 has been released. The release contains several bug fixes as well as performance and design improvements.

We recommend the update to the current version.

The following errors have been fixed:

  • Work package links (via ## and ###) in emails sent when watching forums were not displayed properly. This has been fixed (#22728).
  • An error on the work package page has been fixed which caused multiple work packages to be created when clicking the “Create” button multiple times (#22735).
  • The selected work package type when creating a new child work package was not based on the type order displayed in the administration. This has been adjusted (#22639).
  • Due to an error the project list could not be accessed in the accessibility mode. This has been fixed.
  • The star icon in the project list showing which project the user is a member in was missing. It has been added (#22692).
  • In the cost report, the cells were not displayed properly when applying a grouping in the report. This has been fixed (#22762).
  • In the Task board the option to adjust the column width was only shown when the burndown chart option was available. It has been adjusted to always be displayed (#22297).
  • Several design issues have been fixed (#22805, #22802, #22803, #22732, #22716, #22705, #22686, #21902).

Furthermore, the performance on the work package page has been improved (#22586, #22669) and several new icons have been added to the administration (#22063).

In addition, an error has been fixed which prevented the proper use to the TaskConnector for MS Project. This is now fully functional again (#22390).

For further information on the release, please refer to the Changelog v.5.0.16 or take a look at GitHub.