OpenProject 4.1.0-beta

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The wait is almost over: OpenProject 4.1.0 is in the final stabilization phase and will be released shortly. For those who want to take a look at the new features before the stable release, we released a beta version (OpenProject 4.1.0-beta) today.

Please note that the beta version still contains several bugs and design inconsistencies which will be fixed in OpenProject 4.1.0.

OpenProject 4.1.0 implements several new features

In-place editing on the work package split screen

The work package split screen has been extended and now allows in-place editing of work package values, such as the subject, description and the work package attributes.

In addition, the work package attributes are structured in different attribute groups.

inplace editing

New design through the use of Foundation as CSS-framework

OpenProject 4.1.0 uses Foundation to reduce complexity and to create the basis for a responsive design.

As a result, the design in OpenProject has been changed in many different places across the application.

Many usability improvements

The work package page includes several usability improvements:

For example, the work package filter button now includes the number of active filters:


In the work package table, the work package ID can be removed and re-positioned (similar to other columns):


Numerous accessibility improvements

OpenProject 4.1 introduces several accessibility improvements which mainly affect the work package page.

Apart from better screen reader support, the contrast has been improved in many locations and helpful hints have been added to the work package page configuration.

Detailed release notes will be provided with the stable release of OpenProject 4.1.0.

The beta version of OpenProject 4.1.0 can be downloaded from GitHub.

Please note that OpenProject 4.1.0-beta can only be installed manually. (The installation via packager will be available for OpenProject 4.1.0 stable.)