OpenProject 4.0 released

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Finally, the wait is over: OpenProject 4.0 has been released. After months of development, testing and bug fixing we are proud to release OpenProject 4.0 as the latest stable version of OpenProject.

It is a major improvement over the previous version with several new features such as OmniAuth integration for OpenProject (which allows users to log into OpenProject with OpenID Connect providers such as Google), many additional features for the work packages page such as an integrated toolbar, a details pane to display work package information right from the work package table and additional improvements with regard to accessibility and design.

Important notice:

OpenProject 4.0 replaces OpenProject 3.0.14 on the stable branch. Please note that additional prerequisites are required for OpenProject 4.0 compared to OpenProject 3.0.

What’s new in OpenProject 4.0?

OmniAuth integration

With OpenProject 4.0 it is possible to log in by authenticating against an Open ID Connect provider. New users can simply use their existing accounts (such as Google accounts).

Usability and Design

A new design for avatars, standardized capitalized headings and a more readable wiki have been added with OpenProject 4.0.


The improved work package table as well as the work package details pane are fully accessible. Also in many other areas, the accessibility of OpenProject has been improved.

Integrated toolbar on work package page

With the integrated toolbar on the work package page users can configure and save queries right on the work package table without having to go to a separate page.

Integrated query title on work package page

The title of the work package page has been integrated with the query selection. By selecting the title, a query can quickly be changed.

Column header functions in work package table

Making small configuration changes to the work package table can be bothersome. A context menu on work package columns activated by clicking on columns allows to sort, group, move, hide or add a new column quickly.

Work package details pane in work package table

Often times users want to see information about entries in the work package at a glance - without having to switch to a separate page. With OpenProject 4.0 a new split screen mode is added to the work package page, allowing the activation of the work package details pane next to the work package table.


Want to install OpenProject 4.0 to use it in your own infrastructure for your personal projects? Here you will find Installation guidelines.

Migrating to OpenProject 4.0

Follow the migration guide to update your OpenProject installation to OpenProject 4.0.


You will find useful information in the OpenProject FAQ or you can post your questions in the Forum.

Release Notes

Please refer to the OpenProject 4.0 Release Notes for an overview of the new and improved features, as well as a list of fixed bugs.

Plugins released

Users who prefer to customize and extend the functionality of the OpenProject core have a additional Plugins at their disposal: The OmniAuth plugin which allows an easier integration of OmniAuth authentication providers and GitHub Integration plugin which facilitates working with GitHub by automatically commenting on work packages referenced in pull requests have been released.


Special thanks go to all OpenProject contributors without whom this release would not have been possible:

  • All the developers, designers, project managers who have contributed to OpenProject.
  • All the dedicated users who have reported bugs and supported the community by asking and answering questions in the forum.
  • The members of the OpenProject Foundation for continuously supporting OpenProject.
  • Deutsche Telekom for sponsoring many new features in the work package page such as the new toolbar and the work package split screen mode.
  • TU Darmstadt for sponsoring the OmniAuth integration.
  • Vincent Le Moign for providing his fabulous Minicons icon fonts on

What’s next?

We are continuously developing new features and improvements for OpenProject. The next step will be to allow in-place editing of work package attributes from the details pane and replacing the existing work package full screen with a new and optimized screen. For information regarding new releases, please have a look at the roadmap . To stay up to date with the recent development, feel free to follow OpenProject on Twitter.