OpenProject 10.6: improved table formatting, quicker time logging, support of Slovenian language

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Welcome to OpenProject 10.6. The new release of the open source project management software brings improved table formatting, quicker time logging, the Slovenian translation, better overview over activities and much more usability improvements and bug fixes.

The OpenProject Enterprise cloud will be automatically upgraded today, June 2nd, 2020.

What is new in OpenProject 10.6?

Better styling of tables with improved table formatting options

With the new release of OpenProject you can now customize your tables in the text editor even more. When integrating a table in a work package description, a meeting, the wiki or news, format it the way you want to. The new additional options are:

  • limiting of the table’s and cell’s width,
  • choose a color for the grid and the cell’s background (HEX/XSL or standard color palette),
  • padding in cells,
  • alignment within the cell, and
  • defining a CSS rule to break long words in cells.

table formatting

Quicker time logging on work packages

From now on, time logging is even quicker. You won’t have to leave your current work environment to log time. For example, directly in the work package you will find an icon to log time. When you click on it, you can log your time in a pop-up window.

time logging

Also, you can log time to a work package directly from your work package table view if you include the SPENT TIME as a column to the list. Clicking on the Log time will also open a pop-up window to book your spent time.

Log time list view

Support of Slovenian language

We are very happy that OpenProject is now 100% translated into Slovenian. Zabavaj se!


Attribution of cards to a project

OpenProject 10.6 will upgrade the card view of work packages. To make clear what card belongs to what project, the project name will be shown on the card.

card view with sub project

Improved assignee board if there are no members in a project

If you are creating an agile boards by assignees, you will get notified if there are no members in your project. You will also get notified if you are trying to add another assignee list to your board even though there is no more member left.

Assignee board notification

Various usability improvements and bug fixes

Furthermore, the styling of the news widget on the project overview page as well as the start page has been improved. Going forward, the Activity module is only showing one activity per minute per user per work package and type of change. That means the changes per minute are aggregated.

Please see a complete list of all bug fixes and usability improvements in our OpenProject 10.6 release notes.

Installation and Updates

To use OpenProject 10.6 right away, create an instance on

Prefer to run OpenProject 10.6 in your own infrastructure? Here you can find the Installation guidelines for OpenProject.

Want to upgrade from a Community version to try out the Enterprise add-ons? Get a 14 days free trial token directly out of your current Community installation.

Migrating to OpenProject 10.6

Follow the upgrade guide for the packaged installation or Docker installation to update your OpenProject installation to OpenProject 10.6.

We update hosted OpenProject environments (Enterprise cloud) automatically.


You will find useful information in the OpenProject FAQ or you can post your questions in the Forum.

Release Notes

Please refer to the OpenProject 10.6 Release Notes for an overview of all the new and improved features, as well as a list of fixed bugs.


Special thanks go to all OpenProject contributors without whom this release would not have been possible:

  • All the developers, designers, project managers who have contributed to OpenProject.
  • Every dedicated user who has reported bugs and supported the community by asking and answering questions in the forum.
  • All the engaged users who provided translations on CrowdIn , especially the XXXX

What’s next?

We are continuously developing new features and improvements for OpenProject. Update with info 10.7

Take a look at the release timeline to see the upcoming features and releases.

OpenProject 10.6 BIM Edition for Construction Project Management

Furthermore, the OpenProject 10.6 release contains more features, especially developed for project management for the building industry. Read more about the building specific features for the OpenProject BIM Edition here.

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