OpenProject ESG commitment

ESG: Our commitment to responsible environmental, social and governance practices

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As the world becomes increasingly aware of the importance of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and strong governance practices, many companies are embracing the ESG framework. For us at OpenProject ESG is not another hot trend to follow. For years now our mission has been to enable organizations that want to drive positive change in the world. We are proud to be supporting non-profit and educational institutions in their work by providing them with secure, free and open source project management software.

We deeply care about both the environment we live in and the people that surround us, including our employees and customers. During the passion time this year one of the passion projects was reflecting on and documenting our existing ESG framework and brainstorming our future commitment.


Our commitment to the well-being of our planet and its future is deeply ingrained within both our corporate identity and the individuals who constitute our organization. As a collective, we have undertaken concrete measures to advance our sustainability initiatives. Starting in 2020, we have stopped using a dedicated physical office and instead opt for shared co-working spaces. A significant majority of our workforce has transitioned to remote work, with a notable portion of them opting for renewable energy. Furthermore, we are proud to support organizations that focus their work on preserving the environment.

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The social dimension of ESG holds equal significance to safeguarding our planet in our eyes. For us, this entails active contributions to the global development community. As an open source company, we consistently share our software code with the public and routinely roll out updates, fostering a spirit of collaboration and transparency. Furthermore, it means upholding a culture of respect and open communication within our workforce. We prioritize the well-being of our employees, readily listening to their perspectives and concerns. Our commitment extends to our valued customers, as we place paramount importance on safeguarding their data privacy and maintaining a high standard of service.

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Corporate governance

We believe in operating openly and honestly in all aspects of our business. This means that we share not only our code but also our decision-making processes with our stakeholders, fostering trust and accountability. We are committed to creating a culture of transparency where everyone, both inside and outside the company, can readily access information and gain insights into our operations, thereby ensuring that we remain true to our values and principles.

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Looking forward

Not unlike development process, achieving greater sustainability is an ongoing process. We are still in the beginning of our path to determining our carbon footprint and internalizing more sustainable practices. Being a small company might seem like our efforts may be futile, but we are certain that every little bit counts. We will continue self-reflection and take further steps to becoming part of the solution.