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Univention App Center

Latest release: 10.3.0

OpenProject is available in Univention App Center

Univention App Center is the marketplace in Univention Corporate Server (UCS), an enterprise operating platform for infrastructure and identity management. OpenProject is available in the App Center and comes integrated with the identity management.

App Appliance for easy deployment

With the App Appliance you can easily deploy your own OpenProject server in a virtual environment. The App Appliance consists of UCS and OpenProject already pre-installed. The UCS environment is setup with only a few steps. Download the official OpenProject virtual machine image in one of the following formats:

Instructions for installation on UCS without App Appliance

  1. Download and setup Univention Corporate Server (UCS)
  2. Install OpenProject via Univention App Center
  3. Add user accounts

Available in Univention App Center

Enterprise Edition

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