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OpenProject Foundation (OPF)


OpenProject Foundation

“Right from the beginning we want to ensure that the participation in OpenProject is well governed. We want to attract talent, both technical experts to drive forward the technical development of the software as well as functional experts, to form a diverse global community with high standards for collaboration, debating, delegation of responsibility and ethics”.

About the OPF

One of the main objectives of OpenProject is to create a place for open source software, driven and inspired by the users, the community and by the utilization of state of the art technology. For this challenging goal, the OPF wants to provide a firm basis with active support and guidance – the vision of the OPF.

The OPF is incorporated as a membership-based, non-profit organisation (Verein). It is registered in Berlin, Germany, and of course the OPF is designated to the global OpenProject community.
The foundation supports and guides the software project, the community and its growth, furthermore, ensures that OpenProject continues to exist beyond the participation of individual members or companies.

Goals of the OPF

Responsibilities of the OpenProject Foundation:

  1. Maintaining the hardware and software infrastructure of and other corresponding sites.
  2. Empowering the community to participate in and contribute to the project.
  3. Protecting the GPL source code of the project and its community contributions.
  4. Managing intellectual property and financial contributions.
  5. Protecting the project and community through support and advocacy.
  6. Organizing and promoting OpenProject, and communicating the benefits of the OpenProject software.

Decision taking process:

The Open Project Foundation aims to ensure that:

  1. There is a defined process that helps people contribute to decisions regarding the community and the software. It should be clear who is responsible for any given decision, and how others might contribute to the making of it.
  2. Decisions regarding the OpenProject distribution and community are taken in a fair and transparent fashion.
  3. Necessary decisions are eventually taken, even when there is no clear consensus among the community. There is a clear path for decision taking within the OPF.

We invite you to get in contact with us, we are happy to tell you more about OpenProject and the OPF.

Board of directors

  • Directors: Marco Tesch and Birthe Lindenthal
  • Treasurer: Sven Hinderlich
  • Cash Audit: Christoph Zierz
  • Secretary: Niels Lindenthal

OpenProject Foundation e.V.

Office address:

OpenProject Foundation e.V.
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 5
10178 Berlin

Lower regional court Berlin Charlottenburg, register of associations: VR 32487
Date of foundation: 12. April 2013

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can I become a member of the OpenProject Foundation?

Individuals as well as enterprises who have a proven commitment to collaborative open-source software development through sustained participation and contributions within OpenProject, are eligible for membership. Enterprises will be represented by individuals who will represent the interests of the company within the foundation. An individual or a representative of a company is awarded membership after nomination and approval by the majority of the existing members of the OpenProject Foundation. If you want to become a member of the OPF, please contact us.