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OpenProject 7.4.7 released

We released OpenProject 7.4.7. The release contains some minor fixes regarding MessageBird adapter for Two-factor authentication.

Work packages PDF export with images

Exporting a work package list can now optionally export image attachments of the work package. Additional options are added to the export modal.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Fixed: [2FA] Device ID not transmitted when resending with different channel [#28033]
  • Fixed: [2FA] MessageBird: Originator may not be longer than 11 characters [#28034]
  • Fixed: [2FA] MessageBird: User language may be empty [#28035]
  • Fixed: [Styling] Prevent scrolling body when reaching bottom of project autocompleter [#28039]

2 responses to “OpenProject 7.4.7 released

  1. Shantanu Gadgil says:

    That’s a nice “Jumbo” update! 😀 🙂

  2. nice!! thanks for sharing.

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