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OpenProject 6.1.4 released

We released OpenProject 6.1.4. The release contains several bug fixes.

We recommend the update to the current version.

Bug fixes (7)

  • Work package filter for subprojects not working (#24550).
  • Last updated work package information is always shown in UTC (#24498).
  • Design error on system settings page (#24497).
  • Missing translation on workflow administration page (#24495).
  • Very long custom field names break design on custom field settings page (#24407).
  • Filter “Show all work packages” on MyPage did not work correctly.
  • Project filter was lost on the second page of the search results page.

For further information on the release, please refer to the Changelog v.6.1.4 or take a look at GitHub.
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4 responses to “OpenProject 6.1.4 released

  1. Shantanu Gadgil says:

    v6.1.4 is not working correctly using the RPM/DEB method on either CentOS7 or Ubuntu 16.04.

    The landing page shows up but typing in admin/admin does nothing; just nothing!

    v6.0.5 works fine (yum downgrade on CentOS7).

    I didn’t have the time to test v6.0.5 on Ubuntu 16.04

    1. Robin Wagner says:

      Hello Shantanu Gadgil,

      this was a temporary error with the packager installation which we fixed by now.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.
      You should now be able to install and use OpenProject 6.1.4 properly.

      1. Shantanu Gadgil says:


        I went ahead and did a ‘yum update’ and things are working.

        FWIW, my previous and current versions:

        Resolving Dependencies
        –> Running transaction check
        —> Package openproject.x86_64 0:6.0.5-1477385452.e6352bc.centos7 will be updated
        —> Package openproject.x86_64 0:6.1.4-1485121203.2cb8b63.centos7 will be an update
        –> Finished Dependency Resolution

  2. abu.sayeed says:

    after openproject install , login console show. But username and password not response. we can not login by usernane:admin and password:admin

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