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What is the product roadmap?

The product roadmap communicates what you are building and why you are working on this.

Managers can get a direct overview of a version’s progress and analyze it based on multiple metrics.

The product roadmap software can provide an overview across multiple projects. The roadmap automatically evaluates user’s permissions and displays only the information users are allowed to see.

Share your project roadmap with your stakeholders, get feedback and break it down into a detailed release plan.

Product Roadmap

Product roadmap software features

See status in progress bar

Multi-project roadmap

Analyze status, priority, assigned person

Scoped based on user permissions

Compare estimated time and actual time

Document key information in wiki

How to work with the product roadmap

  • Create a new product roadmap version with list of features.
  • Bulk-assign features to new version.
  • Get instant overview of features in roadmap.
  • Filter versions based on included features.
  • See related tasks / features right away.
  • Visually see roadmap progress.
  • Provide stakeholders aggregated view across (sub)projects.
  • Take an in-depth look at existing roadmap versions.
  • Stay updated about deadlines through email notifications.
Basic Product Roadmap Software
Product Roadmap Software Details
  • Track progress in roadmap as version is being completed.
  • Analyze based key metrics.
  • Document key points in associated wiki page.
  • Compare estimated time and spent time for features.
  • See overdue versions and prioritize accordingly.
  • Quickly identify open tasks.
  • Display features in timeline to schedule and plan completion.
  • Schedule features and tasks in Gantt chart.
  • Customize information shown in columns.
  • Assign and track features over time.
  • Filter based on product versions or custom attributes.
  • Share timeline and communicate progress to stakeholders.
Product Roadmap Software: Schedule timeline

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