Planungssicherheit und Transparenz
um Ihre Projekte erfolgreich durchzuführen

Bringen Sie Ihre Projekte erfolgreich zum Ziel - unabhängig von Industrie und Standort –
mit der besten Projektmanagement-Software OpenProject.

Cloud Edition - We host it

Cloud Edition

Starten Sie sofort mit unserem professionellen OpenProject Hosting mit zusätzlichen Funktionen und Support und überlassen Sie uns alles Weitere.

Alle Community Funktionen +

Premium Funktionen

Professional Support

  • Guaranteed availability and resolution time based on SLA
  • Priority development and escalation
  • Dedicated senior support team
  • Consulting and training for proactive issue prevention
Enterprise Edition - Premium features

Enterprise Edition

Profitieren Sie von zusätzlichen Premiumfunktionen, Professional Support und Sicherheitsfunktionen für Ihr lokal gehostetes OpenProject.

Alle Community Funktionen +

  • Repositories (GIT / SVN)

Alle Premium Funktionen +

Professional Support +

Security Funktionen

Installation Support

  • Package installation (deb/RPM) and preparation of deployment automation
  • Set up ssl encryption (https)
  • Connection to database management system (PostgreSQL)
  • Installation and configuration of email server
  • Connection of data storage (e.g. NFS)
  • LDAP/AD connection
  • Integration to existing Single-Sign-On infrastructure

Security Alerts

  • Monitoring of OpenProject relevant security topics
  • Alerting of responsible contact person
  • Providing of software packages for updates
  • Automated testing

Übersicht der Funktionen

Mit der OpenProject Enterprise Edition und Cloud Edition erhalten Sie zusätzliche Premiumfunktionen, Sicherheitsfunktionen und Support.

FUNKTIONEN Community Edition Cloud Edition Enterprise Edition
Project planning and scheduling
Product roadmap and release planning
Task management and team collaboration
Agile and Scrum
Time tracking, cost reporting and budgeting
Bug tracking
Custom theme and logo  
Single sign-on  
Configure work package forms  
Multi-select custom fields  
Relations in the work package list  
Attribute help texts  
LDAP authentication    
Two factor authentication      
LDAP user and group sync      
Two step confirmation for new users      
User guides
Professional support  
Installation support    
Security alerts    
Premier support      optional
Corporate premier support     optional
    4,95 € / Nutzer
(Minimum: 5 Nutzer)
9,95 € / Nutzer
(Minimum: 15 Nutzer)

Maintenance and support

We deliver the confidence of a tested, supported and certified enterprise-class business application.

Support service levels Professional Support Premier Support Corporate Premier Support
Service hours Mon-Fri, 09:30-17:30 CET Mon-Fri, 09:30-18:00 CET Mon-Fri, 09:00-18:00 CET
Response time – critical incidents 8 h 6 h 2 h
Response time – major incidents best effort 12 h 6 h
Response time – minor incidents best effort 48 h 24 h
Scheduled standby and upgrade assistance  
Priority development and escalation
Support of custom developed plugins    
Support of custom developed themes    
Support channel      
Remote login/remote hands  
On site support    
Dedicated support engineer    
Named support contacts 1 3 8
Prices per month € 125
included in Enterprise Edition
and hosting
€ 980 On request

Enterprise-grade project management software
for high performance teams


Enterprise-grade security and privacy features provide peace of mind.


Stay up-to-date with the current project status and activities, wherever you are. Collaborate with your team members on the go.


Each project is different. OpenProject provides a multitude of powerful customization features to best support your project teams.


We value making project management tools accessible to people with disabilities. OpenProject is regularly assessed and certified based on the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guideline.

Please contact us with any questions
regarding our Products or Services