Roadmap for OpenProject 2024

OpenProject Roadmap 2024: Which topics are we planning to work on?

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Transparency and openness are core values of OpenProject. That is why we are excited to share our roadmap 2024 with you and show in more detail which features and topics we plan to work on. At the same time, we want to be open about the fact that we work in an agile way with a monthly release cycle and that the roadmap we are presenting in this article may also be affected by changes. For example, this might be due to the fact that we receive more detailed information or feedback from users and the Community and, for example, rate other topics as more important. But it could also be that features are sponsored externally by customers who are urgently waiting for changes. However, this only happens if we ourselves consider the feature to be important for all our users. The more it is important to share your feedback and comment and upvote, or create new feature request in our Community instance.

Read this article to find out which topics we are planning for OpenProject’s roadmap - and why we have decided on which priorities. Join us on this dynamic journey, where your feedback and insights are valued!

Overview: Current focus topics for developing OpenProject

To make our roadmap more transparent and easier to discover, we implemented a Roadmap widget on the Overview page of the OpenProject Community. This widget is updated in the course of our development process and displays the current planning status of the roadmap per quarter.

Here is a brief overview of our developer’s team focus for 2024:

  1. Project portfolio management: We will allow to manage large project portfolios with OpenProject. This is required by many large project organizations and is a step towards the implementation of cross-project resource management.
  2. Integrations: We will further integrate OpenProject with other open source tools especially with the openDesk applications.
  3. User experience and accessibility: We will improve and harmonize our user interfaces by further implementing the Primer design system.
  4. Replace Angular-based modules with Hotwire: Improving overall user experience, development speed, and developer happiness.
  5. Team collaboration: Saving the teams valuable time every day by making it easy and fun to collaborate in OpenProject (e.g. with features like personalized home pages, boards, open points, meetings).

Let’s take a closer look at each of the topics below, show some exemplary features and give reasons for choosing them.

OpenProject’s focus on project portfolio management

Project portfolio management is a topic that is very relevant to a large number of our users. In particular, customers with many projects are dependent on features that enable them to maintain an overview and work efficiently across projects.

Roadmap 2024: Insights into planned project portfolio features

OpenProject’s focus on integrations with other open source tools

Open Source is the heartbeat of OpenProject. In 2024, we will therefore prioritize the development of further integrations with open source tools. The Nextcloud integration has already been established for several years. And we recently moved the GitLab plugin developed by the Community into the OpenProject core. And even if we also offer an integration with OneDrive/SharePoint from Microsoft for reasons explained here, our focus is clearly on open source software. Especially in terms of driving openDesk forward. Integrations with XWiki are just one example to mention for the future.

Roadmap 2024: Insights into planned integrations

OpenProject’s focus on user experience and accessibility

We place great importance on making the OpenProject software accessible to all users, because collaboration is at the heart of our Community. And good collaboration is based on accessibility and an intuitive user interface. This is why we released a high contrast mode and started integrating GitHub’s Primer design system to OpenProject in 2023. We will further harmonize our application throughout all modules by implementing Primer.

Roadmap 2024: Insights into planned updates on user experience and accessibility

OpenProject’s focus on improving the internal development

Our developers have been working on new features for OpenProject every day for years, fixing bugs and improving existing features. At the same time, as in every area, circumstances change over time and some frameworks and tools no longer meet current requirements. To make development faster and easier in the future, Angular-based modules in OpenProject will be replaced with Hotwire in 2024. This takes time and effort on the part of our developers, but will only have an indirect impact on your user experience.

OpenProject’s focus on team collaboration

And last but not least: an important focus in 2024 will be on team collaboration: We want to save teams time by making it easy and enjoyable to work together in OpenProject. In this context, there are some exciting features waiting for you that we ourselves at OpenProject are also eagerly awaiting for our own collaboration. First and foremost, some great updates to our Meetings module.

Roadmap 2024: Insights into planned features for team collaboration

Your feedback, ideas and wishes for our roadmap

Your opinion matters: Are these features useful to you? Is anything missing that you really wish for? We would love to hear from you. As an open source company, we work in the open. So if you would like to participate at OpenProject, join our Community instance to request features, report bugs and get early access to upcoming releases. See this guide to our Community instance to learn how exactly you can contribute.

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