OpenProject 7.4.6 veröffentlicht

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We released OpenProject 7.4.6. The release contains several bug fixes. We recommend the update to the current version.

Unterstützung für Ubuntu 18.04.

OpenProject 7.4.6 packaged installation introduces support for Ubuntu 18.04. (#27799)

Fehlerkorrekturen und Änderungen

  • Fixed: Poor performance when adding several work packages to a large tree (#27878)
  • Fixed: Saving filter-selected list Custom Field with single value results in error (#27833)
  • Fixed: Progress calculation for parents in bulk edit was not applied (#27975)
  • Fixed: CSS columns display in Chrome versions 65 to 66 due to backface-visibility (#27823)
  • Improved: Performance on global activities page (#27582)

Special thanks go to all OpenProject contributors for reporting bugs and helping us to reproduce them.