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Union Community Care finds technical and cultural alignment with OpenProject

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Patient-centered medical home finds perfect fit with OpenProject

The information systems and technology team at Union Community Care says that in order to get their work done effectively and transparently, they must rely on an open source project management system, and they found that in OpenProject.

Today’s popular project management systems and messaging apps just don’t make the cut. That’s why they chose OpenProject to help their team work together as well as independently to complete tasks and projects on time.

OpenProject lends itself to project collaboration without integrations, bloat, or distracting messaging.

The team’s favorite feature is the kanban board flow. This gives the team an overview of a project’s status without getting lost in the details. They also love the calendar and to-do integrations.

Open source and company values

Union Community Care is part of a larger movement of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), which are community-based, non-profit organizations that provide a full range of primary and preventive healthcare to their communities.

Union Community Care identifies with OpenProject’s consideration of non-profit charities for pricing, which they say is missing from most other software providers.

Open source is also important to Unity Community Care because they want to be in control of their system and technology. This is common for healthcare institutions working with sensitive data and patience information.

Union Community Care’s purpose is to spark equity through patient-led healthcare that welcomes and strengthens our communities by integrating body, mind, and heart… something they can do more of with OpenProject by their side.

Thanks to Daniel Uzupis at Union Community Care for his partnership on this article.