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OpenProject 8.0.1 released

We released OpenProject 8.0.1. The release contains bug fixes from the 8.0 release. We recommend updating to the newest version.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Fixed: Highlighting of timeline missing with highlighting mode none [#28564]
  • Fixed: Jumping comment container when reverse activity sorting is activated [#28562]
  • Fixed: Signed outgoing webhooks incorrectly set signature header [#28375]
  • Fixed: A newline was added to WYSIWYG code blocks when editing a document that contained such blocks [#28609]
  • Fixed: Repository statistics SVG reports were not rendered due to Content-Security-Policy forbidding SVG elements [#28612]
  • Fixed: Regression that did not detect work package links within braces [#28578]
  • Fixed: Long-running databases of OpenProject run into PostgreSQL index error while migrating planning_element_type_colors indexes to 8.0.0 [#28556]
  • Fixed: Calendar filter toggles not working properly [#28588]
  • Fixed: Repository unfolding directory tree not working properly [#28613]
  • Fixed: Memory leak in repeated work package form requests [#28611]
  • Fixed: Login dropdown labels were styled as buttons on hover [#28616]
  • Fixed: Editing work package after submission with add_work_packages permission [#28580]
  • Fixed: Fast click on subsequent query elements in the sidebar result in invalid table [#28539]
  • Fixed: Two scrollbars in activity comments on narrow browser windows [#28553
  • Fixed: Can’t upload attachments on comments with add_work_packages permission [#28541]
  • Fixed: Collapsing views on global work package page removes entries [#28584]
  • Improved: Restored status column on subelements table of a work package [#28526]
  • Fixed: Type is invalid when creating new project [#28543]


A big thanks to community members for reporting bugs, especially to Marc Vollmer, Frank Schmid, and Nicolas Salguero for their aid in identifying and providing fixes for multiple bug reports.