OpenProject 4.1.2 released

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OpenProject 4.1.2 has been released. The new release contains several bug fixes for the OpenProject core and plugins as well as additional improvements.

We strongly recommend to upgrade to the current version.

With OpenProject 4.1.2 a lot of bugs in the core and in plugins have been fixed:

OpenProject core:

  • The timezone in the work package view was incorrect. This has been fixed (#20210). Thanks to Javier Martínez for reporting this error.
  • For subfolder installations of OpenProject, the assignee and responsible could not be edited. This has been fixed (#20311).
  • Due to an error, the quick reference for syntax was displayed when editing text fields. This has been resolved with #20314.
  • An error prevented the deletion of global work package queries. This is working properly again with OpenProject 4.1.2 (#20316).
  • Additional a number of design errors have been fixed (#20305, #20306, #20308, #20309 #20317, #20313).

As an additional improvement, the icons in the administration section have been updated (#20305).

Backlogs plugin:

  • The burndown chart is displayed properly again with OpenProject 4.1.1 (#20312).

Costs plugin:

  • An error in budget prevented the deletion of planned cost item. This has been fixed (#20307).

Meetings plugin:

  • In OpenProject 4.1.1 it was not possible to delete meetings. This feature has been fixed (#20149).

For further information on the release, please refer to the Changelog v.4.1.2 or take a look at GitHub.