Full text attachment search is released into Community edition

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Our commitment to supporting our incredible community remains unwavering, and we are convinced that continually improving the OpenProject Community edition will benefit everyone. And so, with every major release we aim to release an Enterprise add-on to further enhance the Community version.

Nach Dateinamen und Inhalt des Anhangs filtern

Did you know that in OpenProject it is possible to search not only through the contents of work packages, but also filter for work package attachments and their content? It allows filtering for attachment content and file name.

In the work package table view you can add two filter options:

  • Attachment content: it searches through the contents of all the work packages attachments.
  • Attachment file name: it inspects only the file names for the given search criteria.


This advanced search feature was introduced in OpenProject 8.0. Thank you to Deutsche Bahn, who initially ordered and paid for the development of this feature. Until recently this advanced search remained an Enterprise add-on. With the 12.5. release it became part of the Community edition and can now be used by all of OpenProject users.

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