Fostering open source software and project management in France: OpenProject joins forces with Arawa

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Introducing Arawa

We are delighted to announce an important milestone in our journey to foster collaboration, improve project management and deliver enterprise-grade open source software in France. OpenProject is proud to announce its official partnership with Arawa, a leading software services provider based in France. Arawa provides and implements collaborative solutions for exchanging, editing, storing and sharing information within an organization. Its functional and technical expertise guarantees the security and exchange of data by providing open source software that integrates seamlessly into the organization’s environment. This focus is a perfect fit for OpenProject.

Projektmanagement: Ein Eckpfeiler des Erfolgs

In the dynamic world of business, success depends on more than just a talented team. It requires an environment in which organizations can realize their full potential. A robust project management tool is a key element in creating this favorable environment. Such a tool enables teams to efficiently allocate tasks, assign responsibilities and maintain an overview of ongoing initiatives. What’s more, a best-in-class project management solution must be capable of dissecting and tracking work with unparalleled precision. Above all, it must have the flexibility to adapt to the different use cases within its ecosystem. In OpenProject, Arawa has found an open source solution that perfectly meets these criteria and we welcome Arawa as our preferred partner in France.

Warum diese Partnerschaft wichtig ist

OpenProject is not just open source software, it’s also an extremely powerful tool, offering both sufficient functional depth and the flexibility to adapt to different contexts and needs. Whether you manage projects with a V-cycle approach or adopt purely agile methodologies, OpenProject lets you excel.

What’s more, we are actively working to develop a comprehensive open source software offering to create a complete, sovereign suite. In particular, this strong commitment will ensure and strengthen the already existing integration with Nextcloud. More broadly, this initiative includes partners with whom Arawa also already collaborates, such as Collabora and Element. Together with these other open source partners, OpenProject is part of openDesk - the sovereign workplace for the public sector. This partnership between OpenProject and Arawa is therefore a way of affirming our common position in the open source ecosystem in France. It will also extend Arawas services to deployment and consulting on a tool in which they believe, and for which they can expect the same high standards as for those they already provide services for. It offers organizations based in France a reliable and experienced partner for all their requirements. Finally, this alliance gives us the opportunity to gain strength in France, and to offer OpenProject to new customers in this ecosystem.

Kontaktieren Sie uns

If you would like to benefit from Arawas expertise in OpenProject, obtain preferential rates on our Enterprise software licenses, or more generally discuss open source collaboration tools with them, reach out to our partner in France and discuss opportunities.