OpenProject Release 13.1

PRESS RELEASE 17th January 2024

OpenProject 13.2: OneDrive/SharePoint integration with manually managed project folders

Berlin, January 17 2024 – Version 13.2 of the web-based open source project management software OpenProject announce the release of exciting new features to enhance collaboration, accessibility, and integration capabilities.

OpenProject streamlines the release cycle for faster feature rollouts: OpenProject, a pioneer in project management software, has adopted a more agile release strategy, focusing on frequent, smaller updates to deliver new features and improvements promptly.

In the latest OpenProject 13.2 release, users can anticipate the following enhancements:

  • File Storage Integrations Boost: Notably for OneDrive/SharePoint, users can seamlessly incorporate existing project folders with manually managed permissions. This update fosters file organization and direct linking to corresponding work packages within the project. For the Nextcloud integration, users can now create new work packages directly in Nextcloud and effortlessly link them to files. Additionally, multiple files or folders can be linked simultaneously to a work package from Nextcloud.
  • Enhanced Share Work Packages Feature: Improvements in sharing functionality now allow the assignment of work packages to shared users or designation as accountable.
  • Optimized Project Members List: The Members list now provides enhanced filters for swift sorting by groups, roles, or shared users.
  • Streamlined Status Changes: A new permission empowers users to modify the status of a work package without the need for full editing.
  • Name Changes for Progress Reporting: In preparation for progress reporting across work package hierarchies, certain fields have been renamed in OpenProject 13.2. Estimated time is now referred to as Work, remaining hours are labeled Remaining Work, and Progress (%) is denoted as % Complete. The parent element now displays a total sum that considers the values of its children.

This release marks a step toward progress reporting improvements, with further refinements expected in subsequent updates. OpenProject remains committed to providing a dynamic and user-friendly project management experience.

À propos d’OpenProject

OpenProject stands as the forefront open source project management software, offering comprehensive support for project management processes spanning the entire project life cycle — from initiation to closure. Renowned for its versatility, it caters to classic, agile, and hybrid project management methodologies. A standout feature of OpenProject is its unwavering commitment to data privacy and sovereignty, underscoring its dedication to safeguarding user information throughout the project management journey. OpenProject is part of the openDesk - The Sovereign Workplace on openCoDE.

Organizations across all industries and sizes use OpenProject due to its high commitment to data protection and information security. These are of central importance to OpenProject and are one of the main motives for the development of this open source software. OpenProject aims to become a lighthouse project for “Data privacy made in Europe”. For more information and to explore OpenProject, visit or follow OpenProject on LinkedIn or @openproject on Mastodon.


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