Project list moves from administration to 'View all projects' page with OpenProject 7.4

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With OpenProject 7.4 we combine the project list in the administration with the “View all projects” list.

In the administration, the entry “Projects” is no longer displayed.

To manage your projects (e.g. archive, delete or copy them), select “View all projects” from the project dropdown list instead.

Project selection

As administrator you can hover over the projects in the project list to display a context menu (three dots). By clicking on it you can create subprojects, access the projects settings and archive, copy or delete a project.

Next to the context menu button you see an arrow which allows you to expand or collapse the project description.

Administrateur du projet

As a user of the Enterprise cloud or Enterprise on-premises edition, project custom fields are shown in the project list as well.

This allows you to show important project attributes in the project list and creates the foundation for portfolio management.

You can for instance create project custom fields to display the project responsible and project status.