OpenProject Release 14.0

PRESS RELEASE 24th April 2024

OpenProject 14.0: Progress reporting across work packages hierarchies

Berlin, April 24 2024 – Version 14.0 of the web-based open source project management software OpenProject is featuring significant enhancements to progress reporting and dynamic meetings, alongside several other improvements aimed at optimizing project management efficiency.

In response to user feedback and industry demands, OpenProject now offers streamlined progress reporting across work package hierarchies. Previously, progress recording was detached from time entries and did not span hierarchies, leading to potential confusion and inefficiency. With the latest release, users can now enjoy a more cohesive and comprehensive overview of estimates, effort, and progress, particularly beneficial for multi-project management scenarios.

“We recognize the importance of keeping a clear and accurate picture of project progress, especially in complex project environments. The enhancements to progress reporting in OpenProject 14.0 represent our commitment to empowering teams with the tools they need to succeed. I am particularly proud of the fact that this feature was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Home Affairs (BMI) as part of the openDesk. That’s a great example of #PublicMoneyPublicCode.”

-- Niels Lindenthal, Founder and CEO at OpenProject GmbH

Furthermore, OpenProject has invested in refining its dynamic meetings functionality to minimize wasted time and maximize productivity. The updated meetings module allows users to attach files directly to meeting items, assign responsible team members, and access meeting history seamlessly, and more.

In addition to these key updates, OpenProject 14.0 includes several other notable improvements, such as the structured display of project attributes on the project overview page, enhanced project portfolio management capabilities, and harmonized views with Primer, among others. Improvements for file storages integrations, such as the automatic notifications for unhealthy file storages and copying of automatically managed project folders for OneDrive/SharePoint further enhance the platform’s versatility and usability.

For more information about the latest OpenProject release, including detailed release notes and feature highlights, visit the official release notes.

À propos d’OpenProject

OpenProject stands as the forefront open source project management software, offering comprehensive support for project management processes spanning the entire project life cycle — from initiation to closure. Renowned for its versatility, it caters to classic, agile, and hybrid project management methodologies. A standout feature of OpenProject is its unwavering commitment to data privacy and sovereignty, underscoring its dedication to safeguarding user information throughout the project management journey. OpenProject is part of the openDesk - The Sovereign Workplace.

Organizations across all industries and sizes use OpenProject due to its high commitment to data protection and information security. These are of central importance to OpenProject and are one of the main motives for the development of this open source software. OpenProject aims to become a lighthouse project for “Data privacy made in Europe”. For more information and to explore OpenProject, visit or follow OpenProject on LinkedIn or @openproject on Mastodon.


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