OpenProject Release 13.1

PRESS RELEASE 13th December 2023

OpenProject 13.1: Share work packages with external users, OneDrive/SharePoint integration, and new dynamic meetings.

Berlin, December 13 2023 – Version 13.1 of the web-based open source project management software OpenProject announce the release of exciting new features to enhance collaboration, accessibility, and integration capabilities.

The key features in OpenProject 13.1 include:

  • Link work packages with files and folders in OneDrive/SharePoint: Enhanced file management is now possible with the ability to link work packages directly to files and folders in OneDrive/SharePoint. This integration simplifies document handling and fosters a more organized workflow. Users who are still in the Microsoft world for file management can now easily upload and link files and folders from work packages in OpenProject to their external file storage. Enabling them to use an open source software for project management and still managing their files with OneDrive/SharePoint.

  • Share work packages with external users and groups: Users can now seamlessly collaborate by sharing work packages with external users and groups that are not member of a project. This feature promotes a more efficient project management process and sharing of information with stakeholders.

  • Dynamic meetings and agenda items linked to work packages: OpenProject introduces dynamic meetings and agenda items linked to work packages. This integration streamlines the collaborative preparation of meetings. It ensures that meetings and corresponding decisions or tasks are directly linked to work packages in a project, making it easier to follow up.

  • Accessibility tests and improvements (WCAG 2.1 AA): OpenProject prioritizes inclusivity with a comprehensive accessibility test and improvements according to WCAG 2.1 AA standards. These efforts were part of the openDesk - The Sovereign Workplace project and include the introduction of a high-contrast mode for OpenProject that improves accessibility for visually impaired users.

  • Publish custom help texts to Community edition: OpenProject publishes the attribute help texts to the free-of-charge Community edition, making essential guidance more accessible to a broader user base.

Niels Lindenthal, CEO of OpenProject GmbH, expressed his enthusiasm for the release:

“OpenProject 13.1 marks a significant step forward in our commitment to providing a powerful, user-friendly and sovereign open source project management solution. We’re grateful for the ongoing support from our users, such as Deutsche Bahn, AMG as well as the openDesk – The Sovereign Workplace project sponsored by the BMI under the project leadership of ZenDiS. This support allows us to continuously enhance the capabilities of OpenProject and deliver even greater value to our users.”

OpenProject 13.1 is now available, and users can experience these new features by updating their installations. OpenProject updates all Cloud instances today.

* openDesk ready means that OpenProject is fully compatible with openDesk - The Sovereign Workplace. Start using OpenProject now, and seamlessly migrate to openDesk after the release of openDesk in Q1 2024 to integrate additional components.

À propos d’OpenProject

OpenProject stands as the forefront open source project management software, offering comprehensive support for project management processes spanning the entire project life cycle — from initiation to closure. Renowned for its versatility, it caters to classic, agile, and hybrid project management methodologies. A standout feature of OpenProject is its unwavering commitment to data privacy and sovereignty, underscoring its dedication to safeguarding user information throughout the project management journey. OpenProject is part of the openDesk - The Sovereign Workplace on openCoDE.

Organizations across all industries and sizes use OpenProject due to its high commitment to data protection and information security. These are of central importance to OpenProject and are one of the main motives for the development of this open source software. OpenProject aims to become a lighthouse project for “Data privacy made in Europe”. For more information and to explore OpenProject, visit or follow OpenProject on LinkedIn or @openproject on Mastodon.


Press Contact

Birthe Lindenthal
Head of Marketing and PR
Phone: +49 30 288 777 07