OpenProject - an alternative to Orangescrum for open source project management

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Choosing project management software can feel overwhelming. Even if you restrict your search and choose to consider open source options only, the choices seem endless. Two notable contenders, OpenProject and Orangescrum, both offer open source Community editions, but there are key distinctions that make OpenProject stand out.

Why OpenProject is a better open source alternative for project management than Orangescrum

Orangescrum presents users with both proprietary and free open source versions. However, a closer examination of their open source offering reveals nuances that set it apart.

Downloading and installation process

Orangescrum’s Community version requires users to provide an email address before being able to download the source code directly from their website. This step might deter those who prioritize privacy and hassle-free access. Not much seems to be happening on the public Orangescrum GitHub repository. The last release was more than a year ago. The advantages of open source software are not practiced here.

In contrast, OpenProject highly values data sovereignty. The OpenProject Community edition source code is publicly available without the need for providing any personal information. Our development process is completely transparent and contributions from our community are always welcome. You can find the OpenProject GitHub repository here.


While Orangescrum’s cloud-based and on-premises versions boast a comprehensive array of features, its open source edition falls short in crucial functionalities. Agile scrum boards, backlogs, sprints, time tracking, and user management — all integral components for efficient project management — are notably absent.

At OpenProject, despite also offering a paid version, we have adopted a unique approach. With each major release, we unlock enterprise features for our Community edition, an embodiment of our gratitude to the incredible community that continuously supports and contributes to OpenProject. This commitment reflects our belief in fostering an inclusive and robust project management ecosystem for all users. OpenProject stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit of open source development, empowering teams to manage projects seamlessly while embracing the core values of flexibility, collaboration, and innovation.

For those organizations, individuals or teams devoted to the open source philosophy and those who prefer agile project management methodology, OpenProject emerges as a more fitting option.

The choice of course remains yours to make. To make it a little easier, take a look at the more detailed comparison between Orangescrum and OpenProject.