OpenProject 8.0 release candidate offers a sneak preview for new powerful collaboration features

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Soon, OpenProject 8.0 will be released. The OpenProject 8.0 release candidate enables tech-savvy users to test OpenProject 8.0 upfront.

Especially the migration from the old textile editor to the new WYSIWYG text editor is a major update and needs to be thoroughly tested. Of course, we have done our very best to develop and test new features and the migration paths carefully. However, more eyes can see more! So, we are appreciating any volunteering help to test the OpenProject 8.0 Release Candidate upfront.

Why and how to install the release candidate?

> Here you will find out more about our release candidate.

For a detailed overview of the new features and changes take a look at the OpenProject 8.0 release notes.

What’s next?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Please report a bug to our community if you encounter them in your testing. We appreciate your support and efforts.

We will keep you updated about the OpenProject 8.0.0 Release. It is planned for September 18th, 2018. If you’re interested, consider to watch the release ticket #25844 for immediate updates.

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