OpenProject 7.0.1 released

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We released OpenProject 7.0.1. The release contains several bug fixes.

We recommend the update to the current version.

Bug fixes (15)

  • The page navigation in the forums was not displayed (#25463)
  • The Zen mode raised a JS error on iOS (#25461)
  • The mobile dropdown menus closed on click on a child menu item (#25460)
  • Error on position attribute (cannot write read-only attributes) when copying work package (#25458)
  • Work package inline-create fails when subproject filter is active (#25455)
  • Show loading indicator earlier when switching queries through dropdown (#25454)
  • Button text alignment for meeting and budget create button wrong (#25447)
  • Costs (Budget) filter not applied on saved query (#25446)
  • Project settings not accessible with a project user custom field (#25442)
  • Version custom field of type “List” could not be assigned (#25439)
  • Moving columns left/right while retaining default column set did not save (#25438)
  • The drop down menu of the mobile create button opened in the wrong direction (#25433)
  • inline edit text inputs did not take up the entire possible width(#25430)
  • Sums cannot be displayed on second query unless deactivated first (#25420)
  • Subject and back button in fullscreen view were not aligned correctly (#25378)

Thanks a lot to the community, in particular to Mike Lewis and Harsha BS for reporting and fixing bugs!

For further information on the release, please refer to the Changelog v7.0.1 or take a look at GitHub.