PRESS RELEASE 20th March 2024

Integrating project management and software development with GitLab

The integration of GitLab into OpenProject facilitates the collaboration of developers by connecting the two applications.

Berlin, March 20 2024 – OpenProject, the leading free and open-source project management software, announces a significant milestone with the integration of GitLab, the premier open source platform for DevSecOps (Development, Security, Operations), into its core functionality. The GitLab integration is launched with the release of OpenProject 13.4.

The GitLab integration, developed initially by the OpenProject Community and now seamlessly integrated into the OpenProject core, revolutionizes the coordination between project management and software development. With GitLab now fully integrated into the OpenProject core, the planning and specification of software projects are closely linked to the development process. This integration allows developers and stakeholders to track the overall status of software development projects, from initial planning and requirement prioritization to the execution of pull requests within GitLab.

I am particularly grateful for this contribution from the Community. This epitomizes the essence of open source – collaborative development, continuous improvement, and shared innovation. We’ve built upon the excellent work of btey and enhanced the plugin further by adding automated tests and a migration path. By integrating the GitLab plugin directly into the OpenProject core, we’ve made it easier for development teams to utilize this integration seamlessly.

-- Niels Lindenthal, Founder and CEO at OpenProject GmbH

The new GitLab integration in OpenProject is an individual module that will be displayed as a tab in the work package details view. All activities taking place on GitLab that are related to the work package, are listed on the GitLab tab in OpenProject.

The benefits of the GitLab integration include:

  • Linking from OpenProject to GitLab: Create branches and merge requests in GitLab from work packages in OpenProject.

  • Linking from GitLab to OpenProject: Connect existing merge requests in GitLab to OpenProject using the work package ID.

  • Merge request status update: Gain an overview of merge requests associated with work packages, monitor their status, and navigate directly to them in GitLab.

  • GitLab pipelines: Display the status of your GitLab pipelines to show the update on any “pipeline/action” running alongside pull requests in OpenProject.

In addition to the GitLab integration, OpenProject 13.4 introduces a host of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Highlights include enhancements to project lists and meeting functionalities, as well as the introduction of an antivirus scanning functionality for Enterprise on-premises customers and WebAuthn as a second factor for authentication.

For more information on OpenProject 13.4 and its latest features, please refer to the release notes.

OpenProject continues to empower teams worldwide with powerful, open-source project management solutions, fostering collaboration, efficiency, and innovation across organizations of all sizes and industries.

À propos d’OpenProject

OpenProject is the leading free and open source project management software. Its vision is to empower project teams to achieve great things together for the good of society.

OpenProject supports classic, agile as well as hybrid project management along the entire project life-cycle. Its team is specialized in the continuous development and improvement of the open source software, delivering an up-to-date, secure project management software, as well as maintaining an active and involved community. OpenProject is available as both cloud and on-premises version.

Organizations across all industries and sizes use OpenProject due to its high commitment to data protection and information security. These are of central importance to OpenProject and are one of the main motives for the development of this open source software. OpenProject aims to become a lighthouse project for “Data privacy made in Europe”.


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