OpenProject 7.4.5 released

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We released OpenProject 7.4.5. The release contains several bug fixes. We recommend the update to the current version.

  • Fixed: Cookie secure flag was not applied in all cases even when SSL was enabled (#27763)
  • Fixed: Calendar widget on My page overlapped the project dropdown (#27765)
  • Fixed: Removed text formatting other than references in commit messages (#27769)
  • Fixed: Flashing of content on My account on initial page load (#25795)
  • Fixed: Chrome where the right column of a two-column work package layout (on larger screens) was not receiving any clicks (#27687)
  • Fixed: Updating overridden labor and unit costs reset all other overridden costs to their calculated values (#27692)
  • Fixed: Unable to update parent to previous sibling work package in shared hierarchy (#27746)
  • Fixed: English language option displayed twice in the administration (#27696, #27751)
  • Improved: Error messages when dependent work package is invalid (e.g., trying to save child with invalid parent)
  • Improved: Parent wiki pages can be selected when creating new wiki pages through content links (#26189)

Special thanks go to all OpenProject contributors for reporting bugs and helping us to reproduce them.

DSGVO consenting feature

Users can now be requested to consent into the privacy and usage policies of your instance. To configure consent, enable the setting in the global administration under System administration > Users