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How to get started with OpenProject on-premises installation

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We offer two versions of OpenProject on-premises: the Community edition and the Enterprise edition.

The OpenProject Community edition covers a wide range of features and is free of charge.

The OpenProject Enterprise edition offers additional features and professional support for various affordable pricing options.

Each on-premises edition is installed in your environment, offering the highest security level and allowing for customization. Installation is straightforward, and our documentation will guide you step by step.


Package install for most Linux OSes
Docker install for Mac, Windows, or Linux OS

Find the latest information about hardware and operating system requirements here.


We offer OpenProject Community and Enterprise on-premises editions as package or docker-based installations. You can do it yourself, or our engineering support team can get you up and running in 15-20 minutes.

For production environments and when using a supported distribution, we recommend using the packaged installation using DEB or RPM packages. This will install OpenProject as a system dependency using your distribution’s package manager and provide updates similar to most other system packages.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions for the Ubuntu installation.

Adding users or seats

Our intelligent pricing tool makes choosing the right edition and number of seats easy. OpenProject also offers horizontal scaling to quickly increase processing power anytime needed, such as adding new users or increasing your feature set.

New and improved features

The OpenProject engineering team constantly extends and improves the feature set by adding new features, enhancing current features, and fixing bugs. Users benefit from these upgrades, and it’s as easy as running the “openproject configure” command.

You can find detailed information on upgrading here and how to back up your installation here.

Support for Community and Enterprise editions

The OpenProject support team is available to install, assist with installation, and answer any questions. Our support team covers your technical questions and how to best set up OpenProject for your team and needs. Each team can configure and customize OpenProject differently depending on their size, project type, and collaboration preferences.

The Community edition includes support via the OpenProject Community forum and user guides.

The Enterprise on-premises plan includes professional support via email with the OpenProject team, including a promise to fix critical incidents within eight hours during office hours.

We offer Premier or Corporate support levels if you require more extensive telephone support and a quicker turnaround time.

Please compare here or contact us for more details.

Special editions and integrations

Edition for architecture and construction projects

A special edition of OpenProject is available for architecture and construction projects through OpenProject BIM on-premises. In addition to the comprehensive project management functionalities of OpenProject, the BIM edition adds features for architecture and construction projects.

OpenProject BIM includes a 3D model viewer that supports the IFC format and adds the functionalities of a complete model viewer to the web-based project management solution. Thus, architecture and construction teams can better plan, communicate, and exchange information in their building projects.

Integration for an integrated file system

OpenProject integrates directly with NextCloud and OneDrive/SharePoint for file creation and sharing.

Integration for integrated software development

OpenProject integrates directly with GitLab and GitHub, enabling users to merge requests to link software development closely to planning and specification.

Get your free Enterprise trial

You can test out OpenProject for free via the Community edition or create a free 14-day Enterprise on-premises trial. If you don’t extend it after 14 days, you will automatically be downgraded to the free Community edition.