Become part of our development process with your feedback on in-app notifications

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Everyone of us is swamped with emails and it is hard to keep track of everything going on. We are busy developing a new feature that will help you solve this problem: In- app notifications and email reminders will get you organized and allow you to customize your notification settings.

Your feedback on our development

We are proudly open source and for us it also means integrating our community into the development of new features. Today, we are sharing the current development status of in-app notifications and email reminders and are keen to get your feedback on it.

The feature: in-app notifications and email reminders

We are busy improving the notifications you receive about work package changes from currently email notifications only to in-app notifications and email reminders. In-app notifications allow you to receive less email notifications. Instead, you will receive all work package updates or changes directly in OpenProject. You will have access to your notification center from the header menu where a bell indicates unread notifications. From there you can access directly the work packages and action if necessary.

screenshot notification center with example notifications

Regarding the settings, you have plenty of options to customize about what work package changes you want to get notified.

screenshot notification setting options

Next to the in-app notifications you have the option to set email reminders for unread in-app notifications and weekly email recaps.

screenshot email-reminder setting options

With the new in-app notifications and email reminders you can configure and update your notification settings by project.

screenshot settings by project

How you can get involved

We would really appreciate you getting in touch with us and providing us with your feedback on in-app notifications and email reminders. Just email us at

What we are keen to learn from you:

  • How do you like the above-mentioned concept?
  • Do you generally prefer receiving notifications directly in-app or via email?
  • In your opinion, how should users who do not work with the OpenProject application daily be notified about work package changes? Once a day (or more/less often) by email or straight away by email when a change happens? The latter can result in plenty of emails being sent.
  • What email notifications are you currently using in OpenProject? What kind of updates are the most important to you today?
  • Are you currently using inbound emails in OpenProject to create work packages?

And anything else you want to share with us.

You can make a difference and let us know about your ideas and preferences! We want you to be part of the development process and are looking forward to hearing from you.