Adapt OpenProject to your company's CI

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OpenProject’s Community edition ships with blue header and OpenProject logo. Finally, it is possible to easily configure OpenProject with a custom theme and logo in accordance with your company’s Corporate Identity.

Within the Administration settings you can upload a logo. Also, you are able to configure the main colors, such as header color as well as the menu, buttons, hover color, and much more. This allows you to comply with a company’s Corporate Design requirements and gives your OpenProject an individual touch.

thème et logo personnalisés

Upload a logo to OpenProject

To upload your company logo, we recommend a white logo on a transparent background. For best results on conventional and retina displays, make sure your image’s dimensions are 460px by 60px.
Please be aware that the logo will always be displayed in the header, also if your installation is publicly accessible.

custom theme zz-media

Available for Enterprise edition (on-premises and cloud)

This neat feature for custom themes and logo is available for the OpenProject Enterprise cloud. Also, you can easily upgrade your own OpenProject Community installation to the Enterprise on-premises to get this feature among other Enterprise add-ons.